PureVPN Stands for Inclusion & Condemns Acts of Violence Against Anyone

PureVPN stands in solidarity with all its stakeholders no matter what color, religion, or gender they belong to and encourages the global community to voice their opinion and extend support to those in need because silence is complicity.

PureVPN has been quite vocal about its stance on racial discrimination in the light of the recent disturbing events. The SaaS company has used its platform to let the voices of the oppressed be heard with an important reminder: “The actions of late are unjustifiable just as the killing was ... These events, though unfortunate, should not overshadow the injustices that led to this point.”

“We must examine the racism we perpetuate ourselves, perhaps even unconsciously, and find ways to be vocal about, learn about, and support local movements.” - PureVPN​

We all have a responsibility as human beings to do whatever we can in our power to make this world a better place. Not everyone has resources, but the least we can do is raise our voices in solidarity and let others hear. 

The brand also raised a very relevant concern about virtual racism and digital rights. Time and time the world has witnessed an exaggerated amount of surveillance in communities of color to be as prevalent as the nuisances of racial profiling and use of force in the world. The internet has been used to spread prejudice, which adds up to the already existing economic violence. 

This is a sensitive time and brands may be appreciated or have their efforts criticized. But what we believe is that the big names like PureVPN hold a global influence on levels an individual may not be able to contemplate. 

Remember, racism isn't born, it is taught, and we have the power of our words to delegitimize any teaching that provokes a hateful or violent behavior. 

Source: PureVPN

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