PureVPN Officially Launches .DE Domain for the German Audience

In a move to better connect with its growing German audience, PureVPN has announced the launch of its .DE domain.

One of the most trusted names in the VPN marketplace, PureVPN provides its services to more than 3 million customers around the world, a good chunk of which are from countries like Germany.

Over the past two years, PureVPN has experienced a growth of 79.94% in German traffic. To effectively connect with this audience, the popular VPN provider has rolled out a new domain, www.purevpn.de

PureVPN.de is Now Live

While PureVPN used to translate different pages to German, it now delivers a more natural and localized experience to its Deutsch user-base with the newly launched .DE domain. This has a number of benefits for the German end user.

For starters, visitors will be able to consume content in a language they understand, which is important considering the complexity of technologies like VPNs.

Moreover, it's also going to be easier for them to navigate the website and find the information or product(s) they're looking for.

Native In-App Experience

PureVPN doesn't skimp on localization when it comes to their apps and clients either. Customers have a selection of languages available to them for their convenience.

They can switch the default language (i.e. English) of PureVPN to any European one like German, Spanish, Dutch, and French.

In these highly competitive times, providing a localized customer experience across all channels can give companies a clear edge over the competition.

PureVPN - A Leading VPN for Germans!

With the .DE domain launch, PureVPN - which has been mentioned by top websites such as chip.de and bild.de - is positioning itself as an obvious choice for German privacy-seeking and freedom-loving netizens. What's more, the service's certified no-log status will give Deutsch users peace of mind that their personal information is safe and sound from the country's data-retention laws.

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