PureVPN Moves Headquarters From Hong Kong to British Virgin Islands

PureVPN expresses gratitude to Hong Kong for all the years of support and is now moving permanently to the British Virgin Islands.

After spending over a decade and a half in Hong Kong, PureVPN has now decided to change homes. The former Hong Kong-based VPN service will now be moving to the British Virgin Islands.

Customer-centricity is at the base of PureVPN's operations, and user privacy is a vital part of everything that PureVPN offers. Now that it has entered the 15th year of its operations, PureVPN believes that the new jurisdiction in the British Virgin Islands will help uphold the commitment it has made to its users, as well as enable its teams to excel in its services and expand into new security and privacy verticals.

The British Virgin Islands hold a distinctive position amongst privacy enthusiasts for its unmatched support for inclusivity, equality, and openness. Like Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands are the perfect place for a privacy-centric VPN brand to operate, as they offer the right privacy-friendly environment. The new jurisdiction does not enforce any measures that could go on to violate the privacy of its users. This will help PureVPN to continue to provide complete peace of mind to its family of over 3 million consumers.

Moving headquarters is not an easy decision to make. It was crucial for PureVPN to select a place for the new headquarters that could offer them the right privacy-centric legal environment to conduct their operations. The VPN provider analyzed multiple locations and held talks with authorities in over 17 different countries to check if they were the right fit for them. PureVPN finally decided to move its headquarters to the British Virgin Islands.

"PureVPN was founded on the idea that people should be free to use the internet the way it was envisioned by the founders of the World Wide Web," says Uzair Gadit, CEO of PureVPN. "We want people to browse the internet freely without worrying about any kind of surveillance or restrictions".

PureVPN gives its heartfelt thanks to Hong Kong for the space and support it provided to the company for 14 long years. The city maintained a firm stance against online surveillance and never enforced any measures that could affect user privacy. 

Now as PureVPN evolves from a VPN service to a holistic privacy solution, the company believes that the British Virgin Islands is the best place for this transition to succeed.

Source: PureVPN