PureVPN Launches PureVPN for Teams to Address Security Needs of Small Businesses

PureVPN expands into the B2B market with PureVPN for Teams – a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for small businesses.

The modern business landscape presents a double-edged sword. Remote work opportunities are booming, offering flexibility and a global talent pool. However, it also exposes smaller businesses to heightened security risks. Lacking the resources for enterprise-level cybersecurity, they often become lucrative targets for cybercriminals, facing the crippling threat of data breaches and financial losses.

Recognizing this critical problem, PureVPN, a leading VPN service and a part of PureSquare, is proudly introducing PureVPN for Teams. This cybersecurity solution is designed to empower small businesses by offering end-to-end security and facilitating efficient teamwork.

“PureVPN for Teams is a secure network solution facilitating remote and collaborative work within organizations,” said Ali Khan, Senior Product Manager at PureSquare. “You can simply add team members to share the VPN access with them and assign dedicated IPs to individuals. Moreover, Team Servers enable you to streamline access by assigning a single IP for your entire team. This simplifies VPN management, allowing secure access to shared resources like files, servers, and applications for employees, contractors, or partners.”

The Shocking Statistics of Cyberattacks on Businesses 
Alarmingly, a significant disconnect exists between the perceived and actual cyberthreat landscape for businesses. While over 50% of small business owners believe they're safe from attacks, studies show that 46% of all data breaches target small businesses.

Cybercriminals see these businesses as prime targets because they offer a double win: multiple smaller attacks can add up to a big score, and weaker security makes them easier to breach. This highlights the crucial need for small businesses to prioritize cybersecurity solutions to safeguard their online security.

How Businesses Benefit from PureVPN for Teams
PureVPN for Teams is designed to secure businesses across various sectors, offering convenient remote access and privacy protection solutions. Here's how:

  • Enhanced Data Safety: PureVPN for Teams offers AES 256-bit military-grade encryption, enabling businesses to protect sensitive data during transmission, meeting the stringent security requirements of working with client assets. 
  • Simplified Admin Dashboard: With a centralized admin panel, businesses can manage up to 200 members and secure multiple devices, ensuring comprehensive protection across all endpoints.
  • Improved Collaboration: Team servers allow up to 50 members to collaborate securely by sharing a single IP at the same time, while dedicated IPs from 30 locations ensure reliable connectivity for individual members.
  • Compliance Assurance: With global access to VPN servers, businesses can expand services across industries while adhering to compliance regulations, ensuring seamless operations within legal frameworks.

Existing users can upgrade to PureVPN for Teams from their dashboards, while new customers can access the plan through the website.

About PureSquare
PureSquare is a holistic cybersecurity platform prioritizing user safety and privacy for the new age. Leveraging 17 years of expertise, PureSquare continues to achieve excellence through its brands: PureVPN, PureKeep, PurePrivacy, PureEncrypt, PureDome, and PureWL.

Source: PureVPN