PureVPN Expands Its Offerings for the Global Community Amid Corona Pandemic

In these challenging times, brands like PureVPN are playing their due roles in providing relief and convenience to customers in every way possible.

COVID-19, aka novel coronavirus, has infected hundreds and thousands of victims and resulted in thousands of deaths in its wake as it spreads across the world. Amongst the many unfortunate countries, China, Italy, the United States, and Iran have been struck the most. 

Apart from the virus, lockdowns and curfews have resulted in the added fear amongst the masses. In such testing times, global brands like PureVPN are coming together to give back to the community and expand their offerings as much as possible. 

The Corona pandemic, in a period of a few months, has compelled countries to go into complete lockdown​. Consequently, the lockdown has forced people into staying at home, thereby leading to an increase in Internet, as well as VPN, usage. 

After all, as millions of people are working from home, they need a secure remote working environment, which is why they need a VPN, which creates an encrypted connection so that the users can securely connect to their office network. 

Moreover, people are seeking online entertainment services to kill time and overcome the isolation caused by lockdowns. They use VPN services to access global streaming platforms that are not available in the country so they can watch their favorite movies, TV shows, sports, and news. Another reason why users may be looking for a VPN is that they want to use VoIP services like Skype to stay in touch with their loved ones online. 

As a company that always fulfills its corporate social responsibilities actively, PureVPN is playing its part by extending its offerings and promising seamless service round the clock. 

The VPN service has extended its five multi-logins to 10 devices, which means users can now use one account on 10 devices simultaneously. 

The VPN provider is also offering 12 free monthly accounts on every new subscription. This allows new users to send free accounts to up to 12 people in their circle. Keeping in view the COVID-19 lockdown, the safety of its employees, and the convenience of its users, PureVPN global staff is now working remotely, ensuring uninterrupted service across the globe.

Source: PureVPN

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