PureVPN Celebrates Privacy Awareness Week 2019

With Privacy Awareness Week 2019 being observed from 12 to 18 May, PureVPN is reminding everyone of the value of their personal information and how they can keep it protected.

It’s no secret that the Internet has improved life for millions of people from across the world. It has made knowledge readily available to all, communication more efficient, and doing business much easier, among various other things.

However, all of these benefits come at the expense of one’s privacy! Your personal data is extremely valuable to cybercriminals, advertisers, as well as corporations alike. Why wouldn’t it be? The more they know about someone, the easier it is for them to further their cause.

What is Privacy Awareness Week?

Privacy Awareness Week, also commonly referred to as PAW, is a global initiative that focuses on raising awareness about the numerous privacy issues faced by Internet users today, and the significance of safeguarding personal information.

As a privacy-focused company, PureVPN is seizing the opportunity to remind everyone to revisit their Internet privacy and take the necessary steps to keep their personal information protected from any prying eyes.

How is PureVPN Celebrating Privacy Awareness Week 2019?

Here’s what PureVPN is doing to mark Privacy Awareness Week 2019:

  1. Updating and publishing in-depth resources related to Internet Privacy in an effort to raise awareness about it.

  2. Pushing posts through relevant social media channels to encourage individuals to join in the conversation of privacy awareness.

  3. Informing both active and inactive customers about the importance of initiatives such as Privacy Awareness Week via email.

The Hong Kong-based VPN service is known for endorsing privacy-related events like these and has even received widespread media coverage and public attention for its cyberstalking campaign in the past.  

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