PureVPN Brings 31-Day Refund Policy to Strengthen Customers' Trust

PureVPN is now the only VPN provider offering a 31-day refund policy. While this shows the VPN's confidence in its service, the increase in days also offers added peace of mind to the user.

PureVPN 31-Day Refund Policy

PureVPN – a frontrunner in the VPN industry – has stretched its lead further by introducing a 31-day refund policy for its users. The move makes PureVPN the only VPN provider in the world with a refund policy extending to 31 days.

While the increased number of days translates into added peace of mind and more flexibility for the users, it also reflects the confidence of the VPN provider in its service. The refund process itself has been overhauled, making it as hassle-free as possible. The overhaul is especially important since a lot of VPN providers market their refund policy as hassle-free, but, in reality, a user is required to jump through many hoops to claim a refund.

The new refund policy introduced by PureVPN clearly lays out everything a user needs to do to claim a refund. It also clearly explains the process and procedure and the time it takes to process a refund: ​“PureVPN offers a totally transparent process when it comes to refund policy. PureVPN is committed to process refunds within 24 hours of a valid refund request. Payments may take up to 30 days to appear in your account depending on your bank, card or payment provider.”

Another Mammoth Achievement

Besides introducing the one-of-a-kind refund policy, PureVPN has also extended its global network of servers to a staggering 2,000-plus servers. The addition of servers carries two-fold benefits for users. Firstly, they now have more servers for better connectivity, increased speed and better tunneling opportunities for their data and privacy. Secondly, more servers means more IPs, and this is exactly what they will get. PureVPN’s cache of IPs now has an impressive 300,000-plus IPs for its users. More IPs in the VPN industry translates into more anonymity for users and a greater choice, especially when it comes to choosing a specific country, city or a location.

These steps by the VPN provider appear to be the continuation of the value addition initiated with making its privacy policy more transparent and giving more control to the users. Additionally, the VPN provider also became the first VPN provider to be 100 percent GDPR-compliant. The trust needed to offer such a refund policy speaks volumes about the confidence the VPN provider has in its service.

Source: PureVPN