PureVPN Aids to Abate the Aftermath of the Australian Bushfire

The VPN service provider extends its support and encourages the community to do the same and save Koalas from extinction.

PureVPN shows solidarity with the Australian bushfire victims, extending its support to all those affected and requesting the community, including its users, social media followers, and others, to do the same. As a first step, the VPN service provider is extending support for the native Koalas in the country.

The bush fires that started with a record heatwave in October last year, have devastated over 18 million hectares of land. The fires have wreaked havoc, destroying over 5,000+ buildings, including homes, and killing more than 34 people.

The wildfire devastation doesn’t stop there. It, in fact, has also affected the wildlife in Australia and killed over 1 billion animals. Experts have even issued statements that certain animals may be facing extinction in the region, including the native animals, Koalas. The Koala casualties are estimated to be over 20,000 and this is exactly what triggered organizations like the WWF to initiate the Koala Crisis campaign.

PureVPN, as part of demonstrating solidarity, has contributed to the cause and is trying to play its part in protecting the beloved animals of Australia and their habitat.

The company also urges the community to play their part as well, spread the word as much as they can and make donations to save Koalas from the wildfires and extinction.

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