PureTalk USA Now Offering More Data/MMS on Many of Their Plans at No Added Cost

Offers lowest price unlimited talk/text plans in the industry has just added more data and MMS

National wireless provider PureTalk USA (PTUSA) has just announced that their already great plans are now even greater.  Customers continue to get more for their money with PTUSA and the latest plan pricing is proof.  Customers can choose from the Simple 600 plan or any of the Unlimited plans and get even more data with no added cost.  These affordable plans are now available directly from PTUSA’s website.

“With our no contract plans, no restrictions, no extra fees, USA-based customer service and dedication to our customers, PureTalk USA is an industry leader in cost, flexibility and service,” said Norman Klugman, chief operating officer of PTUSA.  “Our already low plan pricing is a huge benefit for our customers and now offering our Simple 600 and Unlimited Plus plans with even more data than before makes our plans better than ever”.

Simple 600 Plan

·       $15.00/month 600 minutes

$15.00/month 600 minutes, PLUS 100 MB Data & 100 MMS each month

Unlimited Talk/Text Plans

·       $24.00/month 100 MB Data/100 MMS each month

$24.00/month NOW 200 MB Data & 200 MMS each month

·       $29.00/month 500 MB Data & 400 MMS each month

$29.00/month NOW 1 GB Data & unlimited MMS each month

·       $35.00/month for 1 GB Data/unlimited MMS each month

$35.00/month NOW 1.5 GB Data/unlimited MMS each month

·       $45.00/month for 2 GB Data/unlimited MMS each month

$45.00/month NOW 2.5 GB Data/unlimited MMS each month

Consumers are still invited to bring their own compatible device to PureTalk USA.  Customers bringing their own GSM compatible device can choose from a variety of no contract, low cost plans available on the company’s website and select to receive a SIM card to keep their current handset. 

For more information on PTUSA and to view the latest devices and the latest, plans and pricing, visit www.puretalk.com


Founded in 2004, PureTalk USA is a nationwide cell phone service provider of low-cost, no-contract cell phone service.  It operates using the nation’s largest GSM network to provide reliable, affordable cell phone plans starting at $5.00/month–with no contract, no restrictions and no extra fees.  PureTalk USA is focused on delivering fully featured wireless services and handsets along with the latest wireless technology for the best mobile phone service.



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