Pure Octane Applies Knowledge Management to Training Program

Not content to rely on traditional training methods, Pure Octane's leadership team has learned to apply knowledge management techniques to the development of their associates. The firm's President discussed the difference.

“The old saying that knowledge is power has never been truer than it is today,” declared Andre, Pure Octane’s President. “The Digital Age has made information on innumerable subjects available at the push of a button. However, I would add a caveat to the maxim I mentioned earlier – I think knowledge is only potential power. How that knowledge is managed will determine how much can be accomplished with it.”

Knowledge management is a recognized multi-disciplinary method for a team to achieve its goals by making the most of the information available. Though it’s relatively new in terms of academic focus, the concept really dates back many years. Leaders of larger corporations have been known to maintain personal libraries with books and documents specific to their operations and industries. Those at public institutions and nonprofits often do the same. Often, it’s an IT or HR department’s responsibility to manage knowledge strategically, and it might not be considered anything other than the normal way of doing things. Whether or not it’s known by a formal name, professionals who engage in knowledge management give themselves distinct advantages.

"For one thing, operating costs are dramatically increased when knowledge is managed well,"

Andre , President

“For one thing, operating costs are dramatically increased when knowledge is managed well,” Andre stated. “We never have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Also, we learn more quickly from our mistakes. Any that are made are documented and immediately used as learning tools for everyone else on the Pure Octane team. Those two benefits alone make us far more effective than our competition.”

How Pure Octane’s President Implements Knowledge Management in Day-to-Day Operations

“Our approach to professional development is unique in that we utilize the elements of knowledge management from day one of an associate’s career with Pure Octane,” Andre stated proudly. “From the very beginning, new hires are paired with experienced marketers to facilitate the transmission of both practical knowledge and experience. At the same time, our fresh recruits have something to offer as well – unique perspective, enthusiasm, and potential knowledge of apps and tech tools with which we might not be familiar.”

All this training and coaching is designed to help a Pure Octane associate advance to management (if he or she desires to do so), where the principles of knowledge management come fully to bear. Andre concluded, “Our managers are the pillars of our KM initiative. It is their responsibility to organize the training sessions that meet the individual needs of each brand we represent and cultivate team members who are willing and able to handle that immense obligation. They know what has worked, what has not, and what might still work under the right circumstances. By managing the knowledge we’ve accumulated from our own experiences and the efforts of others in our own and other industries, we are poised to achieve amazing results!”

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