Pure Aqua Builds Industrial Desalination Systems for Saudi Arabia

Industrial Desalination Systems for Saudi Arabia

U.S.-based Pure Aqua has designed and manufactured two desalination units that produce a total of 3,600 m3/day and are capable of handling extremely high TDS (up to 45,000mg/l). Our industrial water treatment systems incorporate the usage of high-rejection RO technology, energy recovery, and advanced PLC control systems. The benefits that our systems provide are high dependability, productivity, and high-quality product water at minimal operating cost. 

Pure Aqua offers a wide range of water treatment systems for industrial purposes to water-scarce countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Our engineering team takes a great deal of time and effort into manufacturing state-of-the-art systems with maximum efficiency. Precision and secure design of our desalination machine ensure the safety and long-term equipment life of the membranes and overall system performance.

Pure Aqua manufactures pre-engineered and customized water purification systems including:

All our systems are engineered and manufactured in the USA.

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