Purafil Solves Grow House Odor Problem With New SPHINX™ Line

SPHINX Grow House Air Filtration

Purafil is excited to announce its new SPHINX line of products customized to meet the needs of the grow house market. “We created the SPHINX line to address common grow market problems such as strong odors and powdery mildew and mold. The line includes patented media, filters and commercial grade equipment for strong odors,” said Jeff Mathers, Purafil’s Senior Global Brand Manager.

There are three SPHINX media solutions to ensure the optimal solution for any grow house. SPHINX Odor Media targets the broad range of gases present in grow house facilities that carbon-only filtration misses. The SPHINX Odor Max Media provides the same odor control and lasts 2 times longer than extruded carbon. And the SPHINX Yield+ eliminates 99.9% of mold and powdery mildew to help maximize yield.

SPHINX’s custom engineered solutions were developed by collecting gas samples from different rooms in multiple facilities across the U.S. and Canada. Lab testing provided insights that allowed for highly customized media blends, specifically for the grow market.

Clean, odor-free air is no longer just a concern for industrial markets. Purafil’s SPHINX line is now able to address this problem in greenhouses, indoor grow houses and agricultural facilities. Purafil implements these air filtration solutions by providing custom SPHINX media blends, filters and equipment with a built-in terpene sensor.

Find out more at www.sphinxfiltration.com

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Source: Purafil