Punch'd Energy's Patented-Powerful-Personal Energy is Creating Quite the Buzz

No coffee breath, no spills, no time wasted. Instead of juggling that hot mug of coffee or tea on the way to work, #getpunchd

Patented Powerful Personal Energy

Punch'd Energy empowers a new wave of energy seekers to ‘Personalize Your Power’ and extend days (and nights) with Punch’d Energy’s all natural and organic energy source. Power’d by powerful green coffee beans and real superfruits, Punch'd is a first-of-its-kind product.

This is the real deal, as in real ingredients. Tasty real superfruits and Vitamin C infused with strong premium natural Arabica green coffee bean caffeine. No Artificial Anything. Punch'd Energy received a US Patent for this composition of natural caffeine and fruit gummies.

Punch’d was created for those that have the focus and drive to be ‘punching in’ day and night. Most other energy products on the market consist of death-in-a-can energy drinks, over-sugared and high sodium sodas, or giant expensive syrupy unicorn lattes. Punch’d is different. Reviews of Punch'd on their website indicate that people are replacing these legacy products with a customized “Personalize Your Power” boost, and also reaching for Punch'd as a tasty functional treat that can be used for a variety of activities. https://punchdenergy.com/feedback

At just 5g of organic cane sugar and 35 calories, Punch’d Energy's nutrition label compares favorably to other products on the market and does not have any artificial or synthetic ingredients.

Big news and milestones from Punch'd Energy:

  1. 2019 - Launched the latest, 3rd Gen product
  2. New Superfruits: Apple, Grape, Lime, Orange, Fruit Punch'd, Peach
  3. Caffeinated Gummie Patent #10,154,999
  4. Amazon's Choice; Shipping with Amazon Prime
  5. Reached 5000th customer, shipped to every US State

Punch’d Energy’s overarching goal is to clean up people’s caffeine routines. Most want more, convenient energy; what they don’t want are sick feelings, shakes, jitters, crashes, tummy aches or weight gain. This is where Punch'd Energy stands out from the rest and excels.

Everybody has different personal energy requirements, caffeine tolerances, schedules and activities that need to be dominated daily. Punch’d adapts to each person's needs: pop 2-3 gummies every hour to keep a consistent energy level or slam back the whole pack and rocket to the intended destination. They work fast because chewing helps the gummies dissolve in the mouth, avoiding the long cycle of digestion on top of a big meal in the belly. Punch'd reveals: "You have the power now!"

Johnny Punch’d aka John Pinelli is the Chief Energy Officer of Punch’d Energy. He dreams of changing caffeine routines for the betterment of humankind. Everyone should have access to clean, green, fun personal energy. He's changed how he caffeinates and has been popping Punch’d for more than 3 years.

For more information or questions, please contact john@punchdenergy or visit Punch'd Energy at https://punchdenergy.com

Source: Punch'd Energy

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About Punch'd Energy

Punch'd Energy is the first, original, patented all-natural green coffee energy gummie on the market. Tasty superfruits and Vitamin C infused w/strong premium Arabica green coffee bean caffeine combines two of our favorite things: Caffeine & Gummies.

Punch'd Energy

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