Punchbag Boxing Blog Is Launched

Punchbag Blog - a brand new boxing blog - was launched on August 8th 2011.

Punchbag Blog has launched. Focused on the latest developments in the exciting world of boxing, Punchbag Blog aims to deliver quality boxing news to fans eager for the latest updates in the sport.

Punchbag Blog delivers:

Boxing News
Boxing Talk
Fight Previews
Fight Reports
Opinion pieces on the most talked-about boxing events

Aimed to be entertaining as well as informative, Punchbag Blog is a new reference resource for fans of the Sweet Science.

Boxing News
The world of boxing moves at a rapid pace and one story can turn it on its head. Witness the recent controversial bout between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz, in which Mayweather ended the bout with a surprising sucker punch. The boxing community was ablaze with discussion, arguments, analysis and opinions. Punchbag Blog offered it's own unique viewpoint on the matter, weighing in with a fight preview.

Punchbag Blog keeps on top of all the latest boxing issues, making sure you, as a reader, do not miss out on what is currently gripping the sport.

Fight Previews
With a boxing fixtures section, Punchbag Blog aims to inform as well as entertain. Find out when the next big fights are and learn about the contenders and their records. Punchbag Blog delivers background on the boxers, their fight records, fighting styles as well as letting you know what the fight means to each man and where to find it.

Fight Reports
As well as in-depth previews, Punchbag Blog also has you covered after the fight. If you missed a much-anticipated match, don't worry - Punchbag Blog didn't miss it. Read in-depth coverage on the latest boxing action; who won the fight, and how.

Opinion Pieces On the Most Talked-About Boxing Events
Sometimes it is good to hear a different side to a story - Punchbag Blog offers this. It will never shy away from offering you a viewpoint, and it will always do so fairly and truthfully.


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