Punch TV Studios Holds Digital Town Hall Meeting 'Moving the Company Forward'

Punch TV Studios Town Hall Meeting between CEO and Shareholders Discusses strategies on how to move the company forward

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Popular TV and movie studio Punch Tv Studios announces that it has recently held a digital town hall meeting with shareholders and investors. CEO Joseph Collins, speaking at the town hall, discussed the company’s plans with shareholders, encouraging them to take action with pushing the company forward.

CEO Joseph Collins spoke about the company's spin-off company. “PunchFlix is amazing, we recently did a deal with a large distributor and are adding over 10,000 movies to the platform,” he said. Also speaking on the live TV offering, he adds, “We currently have 22 live streaming television channels available 24/7 and are looking to expand.” The company has built a media platform that allows people to catch all their movies and TV shows on the go which is the way TV viewing technology is leaning to.

PunchFlix currently has over 400 movies loaded to the platform and according to CEO Joseph Collins, “We are working on loading 2000 movies right away and shareholders should know that we are encoding these movies to fit almost every device out there. This is a little challenging, but we want to follow the technological move of the future.”

Joseph asked the company’s shareholders, which are in their thousands, and their friends to buy into PunchFlix so that the company can position itself for growth and decide together to drive the company forward. PunchFlix always strives to keep everyone informed on any new developments. There is a team of diligent professionals who are always on hand working to answer questions and help out with every situation and they can be easily reached through the website, email newsletters and social media. That way shareholders and investors can keep abreast of new information, meetings and ask questions to assuage them and keep their confidence.

In a market already dominated by the likes of Netflix, Hulu and so on, PunchFlix is seeking to raise its subscriber base to at least 1 million so its increased revenues can allow it compete with these large companies. This revenue can allow PunchFlix to list a strong stock price and will encourage investment houses, brokers and wall street bankers to invest in the company. Joseph encourages shareholders to start talking to people and spreading the message of #PunchFlix so this target can be met.

CEO Joseph Collins answered questions from investors about the company and its vision at the digital town hall, which helped clarify information about the achievements of Punch TV studios up till now and the vision and plans by the company in the coming months and years. Joseph also talked about the company’s desire to break the negative stereotyped image of black America unity. Because of the large percentage of its shareholders being black Americans, the company is proving this warped perception wrong and this is just the beginning. He ends by thanking everyone who has helped make the meeting successful.

About PunchFlix: PunchFlix Inc. always seeks to provide customers with the best digital movie and television experience. That is why PunchFlix is currently the talk of the marketplace. With hundreds of movie titles and more live television streams on the platform, PunchFlix showcases top-notch programming for consumers all over the world to enjoy. PunchFlix Inc. is eager to put the “Punch” into how TV is viewed. With television available for viewing anytime and anywhere, the appeal of PunchFlix will change how consumers choose to enjoy their experience.

Find out more about PunchFlix at http://punchflix.com, or listen to the town hall meeting here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/punchflix/2019/03/15/punch-tv-studios-digital-town-hall-meeting-moving-the-company-forward

Source: Punch TV Studios

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