Knocks Down the Barriers to Online Publishing for 3 Billion Internet Users enables 3 billion email users to publish online, despite their technical ability or access to technology Knocks Down the Barriers to Online Publishing for 3 Billion Internet Users

The world wide web was invented 26 years ago and email is almost 50 years old, but the process of publishing even a simple web page is still more complicated than you might expect it to be in 2017. enables internet users to create simple web pages in seconds by simply sending an email. The service converts the contents of any email sent to the address into a simple web page and replies seconds later with a link to the page published online with a unique address on the website.

Users can take advantage of most of the basic formatting features supported by email clients like Gmail, Outlook, and Apple's Mail app, including fonts, colors, lists, hyperlinks and images, as well as embedding YouTube videos on pages created with the service. founder Nick Drewe said his goal was to create the simplest possible way for someone to create a web page. "Sharing content online should be easy. Users shouldn't have to worry about web hosting, learning HTML, or even registering an account with a website building service just to create a web page."

Users can also start blogs or create lists of pages created with the service by emailing, and replacing "collection_name" with the title of their collection or list.

"The idea behind is to tear down the technical barriers to publishing content online for the next 3 billion internet users," Drewe said.

Drewe says that the number of different ways that people are using the service have completely blown him away. "Almost everyone who uses the service is publishing in a different way. We've got users blogging, creating event pages, publishing email threads, and sharing education resources, and that's not even the start of it."

"The most exciting use cases are when it is clear that someone is publishing online for the first time, creating a web page for their business or sharing content when they wouldn’t have had the technical ability or know-how to before," said Drewe.

Users in over 100 countries have published pages on and the service currently supports English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Spanish, Russian and Arabic languages.

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Create a web page in seconds, by sending an email.
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