Published by Fulton Books, Tee Williams' New Book 'Dumped Woman to Successful Diva' is a Well-Written Testimony of a Woman Who Embraced Success Despite the Barriers of Life

Tee Williams, a Medicaid specialist, has completed her most recent book "Dumped Woman to Successful Diva": a powerful read from the perspective of one person who managed to keep a good mindset while facing the adversities of love, career, and life.

Williams writes, "People and relationships can be complicated. We can never figure out the next move of those we need in our lives. As women, we procrastinate for love and happiness. We will even put goals on the backburner. We have all done it—men and women.

Tee found that out with a man she adored and loved. He was perplexing and hard to read. One moment he's there, the next minute he's not. There seemed to be no rhyme or other women. She found it hard to pull away from his beguiling ways. He was constantly coming and going. After returning from work one day, she found him packing his bags and giving no real reason for his departure.

Each time thereafter, she found the obstinacy to read and attend college. That journey was just as rocky; with her finally one class away from graduation, her biological family drama interfered and started breaking her down. She stopped at nothing to crash through it all. She resets herself over and over, with her objectives in mind to be victorious at something. She strategically builds a successful financial portfolio and teaches others that you can muddle through to be a successful you."

Published by Fulton Books, Tee Williams' book is a profound guide towards renewing one's life for the better. Throughout pages of personal experiences and reflection, the author designed this work to inspire readers as they deal with life's tribulations.

Readers who wish to experience this stirring work can purchase "Dumped Woman to Successful Diva" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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