Published by Fulton Books, Kevin W. Lynn's New Book 'Road to Another World' Brings the Gripping Aftermath of an Asteroid Incident That Led to Several Interesting Journeys

Kevin W. Lynn, an excellent author, has completed his most recent book "Road To Another World": a riveting science fiction about the exploits of three friends who bond together in unlikely circumstances and soon pave the way to the birth of an advanced civilization.

Kevin writes, "The story happens in the middle of the twenty-first century. An asteroid incident, which almost destroys Earth, leads to a series of thrilling events. And two men who are struggling in a desert island create a never-forgotten memory and the deepest friendship. Sam, a famous high scientific company CEO, and Mike (James), a top scientist from a very advanced planet of another universe, who lost his memory during an action to rescue Earth, step by step created a remarkable dream, the human being's first time travel to the real outer space to visit another advanced planet and discover the ideal planet. The story is thrilling and tortuous, especially during all the process. The love story about Mike and Kay and several other young couples from different planets proved a fact: that love is not only existing in the human beings on Earth but also existing in the universe. Also, Sam, Mike, and John, the three best friends, by hard work and creative activity, get in incredible results for the future. That advanced civilization and their representatives—UFOs—a magical and perfect description of advanced civilization from one thousand to ten thousand years later, absolutely attract all the readers who want to get an impression for the future. And after this book, the continuing five to six totally different but connected stories will inspire every reader to travel to other civilizations with them. So let's go with them, to communicate with these people from the future and another world."

Published by Fulton Books, Kevin W. Lynn's book is a fascinating novel about science, technology, and friendship across worlds. This tale weaves a futuristic story with a touch of love, life, and the excitement of the unknown.

Throughout the pages, readers from all ages will enjoy the fantastic adventures that lie within.

Readers who wish to experience this amazing work can purchase "Road To Another World" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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