Published by Fulton Books, Elaine Simms' New Book 'I Am What My Mother Made Me: The Revelation of Sarah' is an Inspirational Story of Hope and New Beginnings

Elaine Simms, a wife for 20 fruitful years and a mother to three amazing children, has completed her most recent book "I Am What My Mother Made Me: The Revelation of Sarah":  a contemplative journey of Sarah, a woman who has an awful secret from her past that she would rather take to grave with her. This is an eye-opening record that consoles the wounded heart of those individuals who have been continuously haunted by their past mistakes.

Elaine writes, "This story focuses on a woman named Sarah who struggles to deal with her past. Sarah appears to have the perfect life. She married the man of her dreams, lives in beautiful home in a gated community, and both Sarah and her husband have good careers. However, Sarah has been living with a secret that could destroy it all. Sarah is the product of prostitution and poverty. She has been living with the guilt and shame of what her mother did and what her mother taught her to do. She always believed she was what her mother made her. After she reveals her secrets, it changes her life and threatens their marriage."

Published by Fulton Books, Elaine Simms' book is a healing publication that emboldens its readers to let go of the pain from the past and free one's self from guilt and shame that hinders their peace of mind.

This work aims to give hope to anyone living in the dark. Sarah's revelation is a testimony that someone's past does not dictate a person's future, rather helps in shaping one's destiny.

Readers who wish to experience this invigorating work can purchase "I Am What My Mother Made Me: The Revelation of Sarah" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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