Public Democracy Taps LiveRamp to Bring Its Values Data Solution to Market

Public Democracy becomes LiveRamp's first B Corp partner, offering a unique values dataset for better market insight and community engagement

Today, Public Democracy and LiveRamp®, the trusted platform that makes data accessible and meaningful, announce a partnership that brings Public Democracy's proprietary Values DataTM to market via the LiveRamp Data Store. Values Data provides insight into the core values that motivate Americans to work together and make a difference, such as: justice, family, nurturing children, building community, supporting veterans, and joining others.

Public Democracy's Values Data can be modeled across the entire population and creates a unique environment for machine learning, teaching AI very different lessons about human motivations and what matters most. Furthermore, the partnership underscores LiveRamp’s “Data for Good” initiative, which is built around the notion that data can shape our world for the better, and is helping to address humanitarian issues like poverty, health, education, and the environment.

Public Democracy (PD) has already demonstrated the power of its Values Data through nationally recognized projects that have supported veterans with severe PTSD; developed groundbreaking tools to help people at the earliest stages of opioid addiction; and informed investment strategies in low-income urban and rural communities nationwide through a partnership with the U.S. Census. Now, through its partnership with LiveRamp, others in the market will gain access to PD's award-winning machine learning efforts and communications campaigns. PD is also LiveRamp’s first certified B Corp partner, meaning it meets the highest standards of verified social impact, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

"Public Democracy has taken a unique and powerful approach with its data by understanding people through their values and willingness to commit to real-world engagement," said Rishabh Jain, Head of New Business and Innovation at LiveRamp. "LiveRamp is excited to offer this meaningful, values-focused data on our marketplace, and we are proud to partner with Public Democracy, a pioneer in the Data for Good movement that has already empowered so many people to make a difference." 

Examining a consumers' demographic or purchase behavior only provides a very narrow view of what motivates them. Alternatively, understanding their values through a tool like PD's Values Data unlocks deeper insights that can inform more personalized engagement. These features of Values Data make it especially effective at machine learning and AI applications seeking deeper understanding of human behavior and motivation. To date, nonprofit organizations, political entities, and cause-related marketers have expressed early interest in PD’s Values Data. This is in addition to any business that is looking to deepen brand loyalty.

"We see our database as a repository of hope and intent, with each data point reflecting a moment when we connected with someone through shared values and they believed they could make a difference," said Public Democracy's President, Eric Sapp. "LiveRamp aligns perfectly with our mission, and we are proud to be partnering with them so that key decision-makers from all industries are better informed with data on what people care most about."

About Public Democracy

Public Democracy, Inc. is a for-profit company and LiveRamp's first certified B-Corp partner. PD's corporate mission is to align what is right with what works and to develop better data that reflects users' values, supports their priorities, and allows them to better share in the value of the data they create. Learn more at:


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Public Democracy, Inc. is a data solutions and market intelligence company working to develop better data and more meaningful AI systems that reflect users' values, support their priorities, and allow them to better share in the value of the data.

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