Psychotropic Drugs - Handling the Problem or Making It Worse?

LA Chapter of Citizen's Commission on Human Rights exposes how psychotropic drugs "work."

Many diagnoses and an array of labels with disorders: Are we all insane? Is taking a pill doing any good or just harm? These are questions that many are asking. Church of Scientology Los Angeles hosted a community event held by the Los Angeles chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) to get the public's questions answered. The event hall was full of concerned citizens on January 27th. They wanted to hear from experts what happens when someone is administered these drugs and what can be done about it.

Guest speakers included Dr. Alan Sosin, a drug withdrawal specialist, Mr. Jim Pocrass, a personal injury attorney and Mrs. June Alameida, the President of the LA Chapter of CCHR.

Dr. Alan Sosin, who has worked with drug withdrawal, wean many individuals off psychotropic drugs and helped them get their lives back with healthy alternatives, said “There is no science backing up the use of psychotropic medication. The only difference between these drugs and street drugs is that one is legal and the other one is not. There is very little known about the long term effects on a human after taking these drugs.”

He then went on to explain thoroughly the possible side effects of psychotropic drugs on the mind and body. He also explained how these drugs are often prescribed with no medical tests performed, thereby missing common physical issues such as low thyroid or other hormonal or nutritional imbalances which then go unhandled and further damaging a person's health.

Mr. Jim Pocrass briefed the audience on how doctors are legally responsible for briefing a patient regarding psychotropic drugs so there is informed consent and also what a their rights are regarding medical malpractice when they have experienced bad and damaging side effects of the prescribed psychotropic drugs.

The audience received documentation and education materials put together by CCHR and the guest speakers to educate friends and family and assist loved ones to alternatives and away from the danger of drugs.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a nonprofit charitable mental health watchdog co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and professor of psychiatry emeritus, the late Dr. Thomas Szasz. It is dedicated to eradicating psychiatric abuses and ensuring patient protection.


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