Psychologist Creates Innovative Growth Process to Help People Reach Their Goals, Live Fulfilling Lives

AG Thrive, A Psychological Consultancy, Builds Innovative and Transformational Therapy Plan to Help Individuals Flourish

AG Thrive, a psychological consultancy, clinic, and coaching agency, is implementing a new therapy technique, created by Dr. Andy Garrett, Founder of AG Thrive, which harnesses his experience as a Developmental Psychologist, as well his dynamic work and role as a Coach and Consultant working with faith based organizations, and through his extensive research in personal growth, to help people cultivate growth mindsets and live with a radically charged sense of purpose.

“I started AG Thrive because I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the old therapeutic model/paradigm where we have to identify pathology or dysfunction in order to access insurance reimbursements, and then set up treatment plans that felt too narrowly focused on reducing symptomatology and dysfunction,” said Dr. Garrett. “The client was essentially considered treated when they returned to functioning status.”

Dr. Garrett began to observe that though people may be functioning, it did not mean that they were growing, happy or thriving. This led him to create an agency geared toward addressing personal growth as it pertains to individuals and their core relationships.  Dr. Garrett did this with the intent of creating a repeatable process where people could get past their barriers to thriving and have a personalized or customized growth expert guide them to breakthroughs and successes that had previously eluded them.

“I eventually came to the conclusion that I wanted to really get hyper-focused on the ‘psychology of thriving’ and to provide information, resources, tools, assessment instruments, interviews, practical exercises, classes, workshops, group learning experiences, etc., that are exclusively designed to empower my clients - and really anyone interested in improving their life experience with the intent to thrive in the areas that matter most to them,” said Dr. Garrett.

The AG Thrive team now uses a process that incorporates the best aspects of traditional counseling techniques, as well as dynamic coaching and consulting practices and strategies - which can be customized depending on a client’s situation and focuses on a process of identifying the barriers to one's success, realizing strengths/priorities, creating goal-meeting strategies and cultivating lifelong growth mentalities.

“I have tried to capture patterns and processes to relational growth, fulfillment, peak performance and familial success throughout the various developmental processes that occur in our lifecycle,” said Dr. Garrett. “At its core AG Thrive is very relational and, as such, has created a counseling/coaching/consulting experience that is totally customizable, innovative, practical and ultimately transformative.”

Dr. Garrett and the AG Thrive team is a group of dedicated professionals intent on helping people reach their potential, develop growth mindsets, identify goals and live fulfilling lives. The team uses an innovative strategy to help individuals identify barriers, realize their strengths and desires and begin the path toward self-actualization. The agency offers many options to fit each client’s lifestyle and budget. The AG Thrive coaches are passionate about helping their clients live fulfilling, prosperous lives using tangible techniques with a verifiable track-record of success.

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AG Thrive offers services and support to help individuals grow and achieve their goals. This highly trained group of professionals provides a unique integration of data-driven therapy, innovative coaching, and an empowering consulting model with the purpose of providing a blueprint on how to live an extraordinary life. The coaches at AG Thrive help clients identify foundational and transformative patterns, beliefs and experiences, co-create powerful visions and roadmaps for their future, and collaborates with them in implementing the strategies necessary to actualize these extraordinary life plans. Clients are coached through a totally unique growth process - and as a result - they have developed a relationship with AG Thrive that they can trust and have confidence in - throughout the various seasons, challenges, and even triumphs of their and their families lives. The creators dedicated years of experience and research to develop the Ag Thrive platform which helps people achieve their dreams and live fulfilling lives.

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Source: AG Thrive