PSG to Offer €420 Million for Barcelona's Lionel Messi, According to Laureate Trust

Barcelona has put a price on Messi's transfer value of €580 million after interest has been shown by PSG.

Laureate BVI reports three European clubs have commissioned a report to value the possible buy-out of Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

Professor Gerardo Molina stated, "There is a club that is practically sponsored by a government that would be prepared to pay €400 m for Leo Messi."

Laureate BVI CEO Peter Tasca says, "There is only one club in the world that can put up that kind of money and it is Paris Saint-German, which is owned by the state of Qatar."

Former Barcelona President Sandro Rosell speculated on a buy-out price for Leo Messi and said, "Someone would have to pay €250 million to pay the LFP clause, plus the 565 we'd pay in taxes. This would be about €580 million."

Tasca states, "Selling Messi could happen, with €400 million Barcelona would be debt free and could begin building a new stadium. But in order for this to be a real deal, PSG would most likely have to give up €400 million and Edinson Cavani because there are not many players in the world that can fill Messi's style of play."

"PSG President Sheikh Nasser Al-Khelaifi, is very smart and an excellent negotiator, he has already attracted some of the best players in the world, including Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva and Cavani. Mr. Al-Khelaifi understands its more than just the money, he is building a brand for these players and Messi could easily become a PSG player," according to Tasca.

"Messi is five times more marketable than Cristiano Ronaldo. Right now there is no player in the world of sport that has a greater value than Leo Messi," said Molina.

New Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu has stated that Lionel Messi is not for sale and says the club intends to start negotiations over a new contract.

The process of buying out a player is quite simple. The LFP (La Liga de Futbol Professional) requires the buying club to deposit the full amount of the buy-out clause with the LFP, who would then tear up Messi's contract with Barcelona and if the player opted to accept a move to the buying club he would move.

Tasca says, "Barcelona has taken the 'Not For Sale' stance before with players such as Ronaldinho, Eto'o and Thierry Henry, all these players eventually found new clubs."

Laureate reports that if there is move for Messi it will occur over the summer. PSG and Barcelona are both doing well in the Champions League and a transfer now will definitely hurt both teams.

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