PSD To WordPress Customization Made Easy Via 'Pimp My WordPress'

Internet marketing firm 'Digital Marketer' has recently come up with a RAW Training Session 'Pimp My WordPress: How to build customer ready sites with Swagger'.

In the recent years, Internet marketing has taken the center stage and has become the lifeline of the Internet. It is indispensable, hence an undeniable need of every website; without which thriving on the web is impossible.

Due to the fact that a site's ranking directly affect its ROI, the requirement of a good SEO provider is prime for any site owner.

For that very reason Digital Marketer, a leading name in Internet Marketing guidance as well as information has brought out a RAW Training Session (i.e. exclusive Webinars for providing a detailed view of the prevailing scenario and upcoming strategies prevailing in the digital marketing domain) which is curiously named 'Pimp My WordPress: How to build customer ready sites with swagger'.

This may very well fulfill the need of today's site owners when they decide to go for WordPress Customization from the ground up.

The news comes straight from the horse's mouth i.e. Digital Marketer's Team Manager Burton Vimont and WordPress specialist Stephanie Vinson, both of whom are extremely qualified and skilled professionals. Their proficiency and in-depth knowledge would be shared to create well optimized websites in the quickest possible time frame, employing WordPresses abilities.

The effort is to ease up the journey and bring into existence WordPress Themes and templates.

The RAW training program operates under DM's live Webinars, provided to Digital Marketing Labs' associates (who have subscribed to DM labs). The associates can take part in a live- interactive presentations, clarify their queries with the experts and get replies in real-time. These Webinars are targeted towards reflecting existing trends, concepts as well as talking about the prevailing market situations. The trainings are recorded and made accessible 24/7 from any place on DM's site. It comprises of lists (of resources) that had been used in the trainings, like particular service contacts, certain printable stuff, in addition to templates to accompany the Webinar.

Along with Vimont and Vinson, Pimp My WordPress would also feature DM's Managing Editor-Josh Loposer who would speak about resourceful techniques of building and putting to use a fine WP website.

To make it an enlightening session for Digital Marketer labs associates, it would emphasize upon the nitty-gritties to set up their very own websites; along with the core idea of utilizing SEO together with social media tools in the best possible manner.

It would even highlight the usage of 3 most beneficial plugins that can transform a website by building WP squeeze web pages, helping your website attract leads like magnet pulls iron.

About Digital Marketer
With a tag line that says -It's just smarter, it's pretty evident that Digital Marketer is a firm that looks out for smarter ways to empower entrepreneurs build their presence online. The organization comes out with training stuff and information to aid businesses get a peek into the current market scenario and techniques, that can assist them attain heights.