PS Principles Announces '8K Certification' for Professional Services Operations

A certification that sets the bar for customer-facing project delivery

PS Principles' 8K Certification

CHICAGO, May 6, 2019 (Newswire) -PS Principles announced today the public availability of its 8K Certification for professional services operations along with its first certified customer, Quadient Inc. The certification is the first of its kind to set the bar for the operational management and delivery of technology implementation projects. The 8K specification sets a clear standard for project governance, consultant development and customer focus. 

The 8K Certification program allows customers to identify service providers who use a consistent set of industry best practices to deliver successful customer-facing projects.

”After training thousands of consultants in our certification program, executives asked if we could certify companies as well as the consultants," explained Shane Anastasi, CEO & Founder of PS Principles. "As a result, we developed the 8K Certification as the bar for excellence in project delivery. The certification gives the professional services buyer confidence that a series of best practices for increasing the success rate of projects are being used. No sooner had we developed the standard, Quadient Inc. jumped at the chance to certify first."

“Professional Services Certification allows Quadient to set ourselves apart from the rest of the market. We have transformed the way our consultants see their role in front of the customer, empowering them to lead our customers to successful outcomes by helping them realize the value of their investment in Customer Experience Management solutions more quickly and efficiently,”  said Chris Hartigan, General Manager and President.

Quadient Inc.’s VP of Professional Services, Greg Park, said, "This achievement is about more than just earning the certificate. The 8K Certification has improved our business operations and made our projects more successful. As a result we’ve differentiated Quadient as a software company dedicated to customer success."

The certification is available to professional services teams within product companies and consulting firms across three main areas of Project Governance, Consultant Development and Trusted Advisor. Service providers can find more details about the program at PS Principles website ( while consumers of project delivery services can also find the specifics of the program at the same link.

Any queries about the certification process or pricing can be directed to and any queries about Quadient's experience with the certification can be directed to

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