ProximiKey Using NFC Technology to Open Keyless Locks Gains Momentum on Kickstarter

Users can manage, share and open keyless locks through their smartphones in a simple, convenient and secure way

ProximiKey, an app-powered keyless lock solution using NFC technology, is gaining momentum on Kickstarter at

ProximiKey is a digital keyless solution that enables users to open locks with their smartphones. "There are two elements in this equation: our app and our smart padlock," said Simon Ebbekaer, Founder of ProximiKey. Using NFC Technology, the user only needs to bring their phone close to the padlock, and it will unlock it in a contactless and keyless way. "It's like making an NFC payment with your phone, except this is designed to open locks," Ebbekaer noted.

While the padlock that is being launched on Kickstarter is production-ready, the company wants this solution to eventually support any kind of lock. As of now, 4 different locks can be connected to the app, which also makes it possible for users to manage the locks and the access to the locks, which can be shared with friends, family, or co-workers. "You decide who has clearance to use their phones to seamlessly open specific locks," Mr. Ebbekaer further commented.

The ProximiKey app, which is for now only available for iPhones, pairs with the locks and gives the user wireless, keyless, and contactless control over them. The project aims to make people's lives easier, helping them to be relieved from the weight and inconvenience of carrying keys all the time.

The recently-launched ProximiKey campaign is quickly approaching the $4,000 mark with 23 days still to go, on its way to raising the $19,000 funding goal. Backers who support the campaign can secure their early access to the locks in exchange for their support.

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Source: ProximiKey


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