Proven Forest-Safe Portable Campfire

LavaBox Portable Campfire is a compact, easy to use, ultra-tough propane campfire that passes most fire bans across the West

LavaBox Portable Campfire

In October 2020, A new style of portable fire pit was created to combat climate change and reduce wildfires in the West: LavaBox Portable Campfire. Built in a military-style ammunition can, this patent-pending portable campfire is small but packs a big punch. With over 100,000BTUs, the flagship model, the Tabletop Vol-CAN-no, generates a massive 900F + of heat with an equally big flame. Getting this heat and fire is easy with a typical plug-and-play attachment included with every LavaBox. No wood to burn. No embers. No smoke. Just a big, beautiful fire. The regulator can be adjusted to a low burn, absolute inferno, or cut off at anytime—this is the key to passing Stage Two Fire Restrictions. Over 500 units have been sold to date and the LavaBox have been tested across the western US with rangers and law enforcement applauding the design.

Some other key features include:

  • It floats! This is critical for a large swath of our customer base that are canoeists and rafters.
  • The burn time is efficient: 4-5 hours per pound of propane at a moderate burn. Far exceeding wood and much cleaner.
  • It is compact and smooth on the bottom making it very easy to pack and slide around in vehicles.
  • It cools quickly. About 15 minutes until you can place it back in your vehicle.
  • The sides are enclosed. No mess and maximum wind resistance. 
  • The Tabletop Vol-CAN-no is 11" x 5.5" x 7" and weighs 11lbs. 

"As an outdoor professional, I wanted to protect the place I love. I have two children who are quickly becoming climbers and kayakers and I want to leave a legacy of stewardship for them." -Josh Thurmond "Chief Eruption Officer", LavaBox Portable Campfire

"The Vol-CAN-no is a super cool piece of gear." Paddling Life Magazine February 2021 Volcanno portable campfire from Lavabox gear review - Paddling Life

LavaBox Portable Campfire has two models currently: the Tabletop Vol-CAN-no and the larger Krakatoa Firebreather. Both come as "Combos" with everything you need sans propane tank. The Combos also include ultra-light Hades Stones, a composite "rock" made of weaved fibers. The Tabletop Vol-CAN-no starts at $145 while the larger Krakatoa Firebreather is $300.

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About LavaBox Portable Campfire

LavaBox Portable Campfire was started by Josh Thurmond. Josh has been an expedition leader, raft, kayak and climbing guide for over 25 years. He splits his time building Lavaboxes while designing programs at the National Sports Center for the Disabled ( and volunteering for Team River Runner ( He also sits on the board of the Colorado Whitewater Association. Lavabox donates $1 per box to help combat wildfires.

Press Contact

Name: Josh Thurmond

Mobile: 720.333.5481


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About LavaBox Portable Campfire

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