Provalus Ensures Healthcare Sciences Research Company Employees Remain Armed With the Necessary Technology During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Provalus significantly improved the incident response time for its healthcare sciences research company client, providing full coverage on critical and high-incident escalations.

Provalus Rural IT Outsourcing

​​Provalus significantly improved the incident response time for its healthcare sciences research client, providing full coverage on critical and high-incident escalations. As a result, the multi-national healthcare research corporation was able to regain stability for its staff, ensuring they could remain focused on the health issues related to COVID-19.

The healthcare sciences research company was struggling with its incident response time, call resolution and ticket satisfaction rates. Provalus established a network operation center that operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. In addition, Provalus provides economical resources to resolve system access issues, network connectivity, computer hardware, software issues and more.

Provalus achieved the following:

  • Speed to answer rates increased 70 percent over the client’s previous help desk supplier
  • Standard incident resolution time now averages 94 percent
  • The open rate for tickets fell to 0 percent
  • Abandon rates decreased to well under the targeted rate of 6 percent

“We are honored to provide essential help desk support to a company that is doing life-saving work. Improving our client’s response time, resolution of calls and ticket satisfaction rates empowers them to focus on the incredibly important work they are doing,” commented Josh Herold, Senior Vice President of Delivery Operations, Provalus.

This client deployed staff members to the front lines of the battle against COVID-19. The medical experts possess degrees in more than 250 scientific, technical and professional disciplines. They perform virus detection, conduct research and are developing an app that analyzes factors that can detect viral infections early.

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