Protenus Granted Fifth New Patent for Drug Diversion Surveillance Technology

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Protenus, provider of the leading healthcare compliance analytics platform empowering healthcare to eliminate risk, is pleased to announce the grant of its fifth new patent to protect the intellectual property of its drug diversion surveillance technology.

U.S. Patent No. 11,791,029 was issued on Oct. 17, 2023, titled “METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR ANALYZING ACCESSING OF DRUG DISPENSING SYSTEMS.” With this patent, Protenus further expands the patent portfolio covering various techniques for detecting anomalous drug dispensing events. The newly granted patent broadly covers the concept of detecting a possible drug misappropriation based on analyzing dispensing patterns of multiple employees, and alerting an application of the possible drug misappropriation at a service layer.

Protenus now holds several granted U.S. patents covering various key aspects of patient privacy monitoring and drug diversion surveillance technologies, along with several other pending U.S. and foreign patent applications.

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Source: Protenus