Protempis Provides Dual-Band GNSS Timing Receiver for the Open Compute Project Time Appliance Project (OCP-TAP)

Ultra-precise dual-band Protempis Res720 GNSS timing module provides nanosecond-level accuracy

RES720 - Dual Band GNSS Receiver

Protempis (formerly Trimble's Time and Frequency Division) announced today that the company is providing its industry-leading dual-band timing receiver Res720 embedded module for OCP-TAP's open-sourced time card reference design. The Res720 GNSS embedded timing module is an ideal solution for data center, 5G Open RAN / XHaul, smart grid, industrial automation, and SATCOM networks. It provides unparalleled performance with five nanosecond timing accuracy, dual-band GNSS support, and anti-jamming/anti-spoofing capabilities. 

"Protempis brings its expertise in GNSS and network synchronization to Meta, the OCP-TAP, and the open-sourced Time Card. Their highly accurate dual band GNSS product has shown how it can improve operations," said Ahmad Byagowi, the inventor of the Time Card, founder and Project Lead for OCP-TAP, and a Research Scientist at Meta.

"We are honored that our Res720 dual-band technology will be used for enabling time-sensitive applications over OCP-compliant and PTP-aware networks," said Karen Guldan, Protempis President. "We look forward to a continuing partnership with OCP-TAP and global network leaders working to advance solutions to provide ongoing timing accuracy and resilience."

The Protempis Res720 embedded module provides a highly accurate GNSS clock source to further increase the accuracy, resiliency, and adoption of the OCP-TAP's new Time Card Duo, which was announced in an OCP Tech Talk on June 2, 2022. Protempis's Res720 embedded module adds a dual-band GNSS time reference to the time card to improve resilience, noise rejection and anti-spoofing and anti-jamming capabilities. OCP-TAP provides a new collaborative community that is focused on designing hardware and software to efficiently support the critical timing accuracy and resiliency demands on computer network infrastructure.

In 2020, OCP-TAP started working on highly precise and hyper scalable time synchronization services in its data center market, using a GNSS clock source[es] and Precision Time Protocol (PTP) technologies. OCP-TAP technology adds scalability and improves the accuracy of timekeeping within the infrastructure industry. In 2021, OCP-TAP integrated its technology into the Time Card and introduced it as an open-source solution to build time servers.

The Res720 embedded module provides unparalleled performance as a timing source in embedded systems, including to time servers, network interface cards (NIC), Radio Units (RU) and Routing/switching devices for 5G, Private Wireless, Open RAN, and data networks.

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