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Accidents happen. That's a simple fact of life, but when accidents do happen, you have rights that need to be protected.

Accidents happen. That's a simple fact of life, but when accidents do happen, you have rights that need to be protected.

Depending on what happens in the accident, you may have immediate medical bills. You may have long term medical bills. There are certainly other costs associated with an accident beyond medical expenses. How are these calculated and what can be done about them?

"It's just like going to the doctor. For many things, your local family doctor is quite capable of taking care of your health needs. But sometimes, he's going to send you to a specialist to make sure you get the bevy best care," said Chicago attorney Scott DeSalvo. "Law is the same way. Most lawyers can take care of simple matters, but when it comes to injuries, tort and dealing with insurance companies, you need a specialist."

Today's insurance companies are experts as dealing with people who are not grounded in personal injury law, Mr. DeSalvo said. Insurance companies know how to manipulate people and get them to admit to things and agree to settlements that are not in the best interests of the person who got hurt. Insurance companies are not interested in helping someone who got hurt.

Insurance companies are interested in settling a claim as cheaply as possible to protect their bottom line and stockholder values.

"I cannot tell you how many people I've talked to over the years who tried to settle their case with an insurance company without an accident attorney. They wound up with long term expenses they had to pay out of their pocket and many short term expenses that were never covered," Mr. DeSalvo said. "That's just wrong and unfortunate, but once those papers were signed to settle the matter, it was over.

"Please, don't let this happen to you," he said.

DeSalvo Law, url:] Accident Attorney Chicago [/url] has the experience, the knowledge and the willingness to fight for it's clients no matter what an insurance company attempts to use to block a just settlement. Mr. DeSalvo and his Injury Attorneys in Chicago have helped hundreds and hundreds of people in the Chicago area.

"We're here to help you. It's as simple as that. We put you first and do whatever it takes to make sure you are treated right," he said. "You just let us know what we need to do. We take care of it."

Mr. DeSalvo is so serious about his offer to help that his firm as a free initial consultation and a no win, no pay policy.

"That's right. We bring all our resources to bear on your case. We take it head-on. We do all the 'heavy lifting' and all the hard work," he said.

He offered a few tips that everyone should keep in mind if they are in an accident:

• Do not talk to an insurance company first. Contact Mr. "Let us deal with the insurance companies, even your own. They are not out to help you, but to make a profit," he said.

• Cooperate with law enforcement officials, but do not volunteer anything. "Answer their questions, but don't give them anything unless they ask for it. The law enforcement records are part of the case we'll use to represent you, but the other side will also have the records," Mr. DeSalvo said.

• Keep good records. "Write down everything you can think of. Write down your mileage. Take your own notes about what happened at the accident. If you need medical treatment, try to write notes about what the doctors say," Mr. DeSalvo said. "Definitely keep up with any bills you get as a result of the accident."

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