Protect Online Privacy and Bypass Firewalls With Virtual World Computing's New Android Browser

Cocoon VPN Browser Now Available in Beta Release

Cocoon VPN Browser for Android

Virtual World Computing announces that Cocoon VPN Browser services are now available on Android devices. Cocoon VPN Browser is a cloud-based browser that protects users from being hacked, tracked and attacked by keeping viruses, hackers and digital trackers at bay, as well as giving users worldwide internet access - even behind firewalls. 

"The most common web browsers are still not protecting your privacy and instead make money by tracking users and selling their data to third parties. In contrast, we believe your personal data belongs to you and no one else," explains Jeff Bermant, CEO of Virtual World Computing. "I want to help people to take back control, and that is why we built Cocoon VPN Browser and are making it free to everyone. Just as you would secure your house from intruders, our product makes it easy for you to secure your internet experience. Like our desktop application, the VPN-like service lets you enjoy global internet access as if your device was in the USA. The best part is all the features that create the ultimate privacy and security cocoon are built into one easy-to-use browser."

Just as you would secure your house from intruders, our product makes it easy for you to secure your internet experience.

Jeff Bermant, CEO

How it works: Cocoon VPN Browser for Android connects to secure servers to provide advanced isolation, so browsing data remains private and stored safely on the Cocoon cloud which only the user has access to. Enhanced privacy is provided by proxy browsing with military-grade encryption, protecting all digital transaction data and shielding IP addresses. With this method, Cocoon lets users access U.S. content and region-restricted websites from anywhere in the world - even behind firewalls. The companion app Cocoon VPN Browser Asia for Android is optimized for use in a few Asian countries and will be released very soon.

Cocoon VPN Browser is available for free download at or get it on the Google Play Store.

About Virtual World Computing: 
With over nine years of experience, VWC’s core business model is built on trust and integrity.  Its mission is to put each user in control of their internet experience by granting access to the global web and ensuring that their device and personal information are protected from tracking, malicious attacks and identity theft - anywhere in the world. Visit for more information.

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VWC's core business model is built on trust and integrity. Its mission to the Internet community is to put each user in control of their online experience by ensuring that their computer and personal information are secure and protected.

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