Proposed Restrictions Removed From Munjed Al Muderis' Ability to Practice Osseointegration

Continued care

Australia's world-leading orthopaedic and osseointegration surgeon, Professor Munjed Al Muderis, has received confirmation from his insurer he can continue to practise osseointegration medicine unrestricted and uninterrupted. This is welcome news to the surgeon, his team and his patients.

Professor Al Muderis found himself faced with the possibility of being stripped of his ability to practice osseointegration medicine following publications by Nine and Fairfax that are currently the basis of defamation proceedings.

"I am relieved that this obstacle has been removed so I can continue the care of all my patients uninterrupted. While there is still a way to go to fight the untrue and damaging allegations made by Nine and Fairfax, this is a crucial development for both my patients and me personally, and professionally," he said.

When Professor Al Muderis first received notice of the possible restriction of his ability to practice osseointegration medicine, he informed his patients immediately to ensure they heard it from him. He reassured them at the time that he was still able to perform all other orthopaedic surgeries and consultations.

"It was important for me to communicate directly with all my patients on this matter. It affects them more than anyone else, and they had a right to know and to hear it from me first," he said. 

What came next was an outpouring of support from colleagues and patients. Gavin (Gav) Howie was one of those patients. 

"I lost both legs in a farming accident, and osseointegration gave me them back, as well as my work and really, my life," he said. "Without Munjed's out-of-the-box thinking and unparalleled care, none of this would be possible. I was terrified to think of what could happen to me, and Munjed's other osseo patients, if he had restrictions imposed on him."

Gavin and his wife Lauren took to the popular petition website to raise awareness of the proposed restrictions on Professor Al Muderis' ability to practice osseointegration. Lauren said she wanted to do something to ensure continuity of care for all his patients. Within the week, there were over 1,500 signatures of support. 

"We really wanted to convey how important Munjed is to so many people. With more supporters than detractors making their voice heard, we wanted to make a difference that allows Munjed to keep providing his outstanding care to so many," Lauren explained. 


Professor Al Muderis is an Australian-trained Orthopaedic Surgeon. He holds several academic titles and teaches at Notre Dame and Macquarie Universities, trains local and international surgeons, registrars, and medical students. 

In 2020 Munjed won the NSW Australian of the Year, recognised for his humanitarian work and contribution to medicine. In 2022 he earned his doctorate in medical science, the highest academic degree. The subject of his thesis - osseointegration.

Source: Munjed Al Muderis' office

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