Proponent Partners With Conidia Bioscience Becoming a Global Distributor for Their FUELSTAT® Test Kits

Proponent, the largest independent aerospace distributor in the world, announced today a new partnership agreement with Conidia Bioscience to distribute its FUELSTAT® testing kit. Under the new agreement, Proponent will globally distribute FUELSTAT® to the commercial aviation industry.

Conidia's FUELSTAT® is an immunoassay antibody fuel test to detect microbial contamination in jet fuel. It is a simple procedure, requiring minimal instruction, with instant digital reporting capability and data management from anywhere around the globe. In accordance with ASTM D6469, the test can be done right at the wing tank, so the fuel being analyzed does not require to be transported to a testing location, minimizing delays and opportunity for cross-contamination. From sample to detailed analysis report in less than 15 minutes is a major breakthrough in both speed to result and test functionality not previously to be found on the market, and available at an extremely attractive cost. FUELSTAT® is listed as a recommended product by IATA and JIG, and in compliance with ASTM D8070.

Proponent will be offering FUELSTAT® test kits in boxes of eight (part number FHR8-2) or as a single test kit (part number HR-2-011), complementing the vast product lines that it offers to its customers globally across the MRO and airline markets.

Andrew Rushton, Head of Sales - Aviation for Conidia Bioscience, had this to say: "Appointing Proponent as a distributor for FUELSTAT® demonstrates our confidence in the ability of Proponent to support our continued growth across all segments of the commercial aviation sector, whilst providing the highest levels of support to our customers."

"We are delighted to partner with Conidia Bioscience," said Jeff Nixon, CCO of Proponent. "With FUELSTAT®, we are able to provide our customers access to the leading solution to address jet fuel contamination, enabling them to protect their aircraft and assets."

About Proponent

Proponent is a leading independent global aerospace parts distribution business headquartered in Brea, California. As well as providing traditional distribution services to airlines, MROs and OEMs, the company also provides a range of inventory management solutions designed to reduce operating costs and improve supply chain performance. The company's focus is on providing outstanding quality and value by better understanding its customers and delivering time-based service advantages.

About FUELSTAT Conidia Bioscience

FUELSTAT® fuel tests are developed, manufactured, and marketed by Conidia Bioscience Limited. Based in UK, Conidia Bioscience Limited was founded in the early 2000s by experts in immunoassay techniques and holds the internationally patented intellectual property for FUELSTAT®.

FUELSTAT® Result is hosted by Conidia Bioscience Limited and its service partners on secure servers and does not share any data with third parties.

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Source: Proponent