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Every week at Proper Insurance®, the company sees headlines mentioning new local regulations for short-term rentals. Communities are adjusting to the new world of Airbnb and VRBO, where owners can list and book their homes as short-term rentals with a few clicks of the mouse. Common sense regulation makes sense, but what are the owners doing about insurance?

Homeowners and landlord insurance forms exclude "business activity" or "commercial use," and short-term rental of a property for financial compensation is clearly a business or commercial activity. Not only do owners have gaps in their traditional insurance, but they are now subject to hospitality laws as well. This means they have a "duty" to provide safe premises, seek out hazards that are not readily apparent, and warn guests of their existence.

Owners of short-term rentals have turned to the Proper Insurance® policy, which is essentially a commercial homeowner's insurance policy. It provides property and liability coverage for both the personal and commercial use of the property. This means the owner can purchase one comprehensive policy and cancel their existing coverage. Owners like this solution versus purchasing supplemental add-on coverage that is often unclear in coverage and requires the owner manage multiple policies.

The Proper Insurance® policy was developed in 2014, and has quickly become the go-to insurance solution for short-term rental owners. The program has entered its third year and is here to stay, and Proper has the BBB claims reviews to prove it:

Thanks to Darren and Proper Insurance, we were able to put our worries aside with the business income coverage we received after our cabins were damaged in the Gatlinburg, Tennessee fires. We received our money in a timely manner. Darren and his staff were a pleasure to work with. - Angela Higgins, Sevierville, TN

We've had a great experience with Proper Insurance. We had difficulty finding affordable homeowners insurance that covered our VRBO renters while we were out of town. They've been tremendous to work with — prompt responses and importantly, a fair claim check after we had storm damage. We recommend them to everyone. — Katherine Harley, Colorado Springs, CO

For more information on insuring your short-term rental, please contact Proper.

Phone: 888-631-6680

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Proper Insurance is a Coverholder at Lloyd's of London. Proper offers an all-inclusive Lloyd's insurance policy custom-penned for the unique risks of short-term vacation rental properties. Properties found on websites such as Airbnb & VRBO.

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