Propel Introduces Enterprise-Ready PLM That Helps Scale Tomorrow's Brand Leaders

For $1500 a Month, Small Businesses Can Get Started with the Propel Innovator's Edition in Just 1 Week.

Propel today announced the Propel Innovator’s Edition, the only Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software offering that provides innovative businesses the robust enterprise PLM capabilities that they want and with simpler configuration for their immediate needs. For just $1500 per month for 10 users, customers can use the core PLM features they need, including bill of materials (BOM) management, manufacturing data, graphical redlines and change management. The Innovator’s Edition also offers a quick start implementation that gets users up and running in just one week.

The Propel Innovator’s Edition offers fast-growing companies the following benefits:

  • Enterprise PLM features at a monthly cost of $1500 for 10 users, which helps small businesses at a budget they can afford

  • A $2500 quick start implementation can get users up and running in just 1 week, plus Propel’s intuitive and modern UI drastically reduces training time

  • Out-of-the-box attributes, change workflows, product categories and lifecycles make it easy for even the casual user to collaborate on complex product information

  • Custom fields and drag-and-drop layouts help manage information needed for product success, including hardware, services or marketing collateral without IT resources

  • Built-in and configurable dashboards allow for instant real-time drill-downs

  • Modern and secure cloud PLM from Propel keeps data safe

“I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses with their PLM deployments over the years. Often the PLM was a good initial fit, but the inflexibility of legacy PLM technology wasn't able to adapt to changing needs as they grew,” according to September Higham, Director of Professional Services at Propel. “Propel is offering the best of both worlds — really strong PLM features that are easy to use by engineers and small businesses, and it's also scalable to meet the enterprise-class requirements of a large company.”

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Propel is the platform for tomorrow’s brands. Propel offers cloud Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Information Management (PIM) and Quality Management Software (QMS) solutions that help engineers, marketing, sales channels, partners, customers, and everyone else shares all the information needed to get products from concept to customer. Built on the Salesforce platform, Propel’s SaaS-based software helps everyone collaborate better, takes just weeks to get up and running, and can easily scale with changing business requirements. For more information, visit

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