Propel and Productsup Join Forces to Deliver Accurate Product Content for All B2B and B2C Sales Channels

New Product Information Management (PIM) Offering Boosts Revenue Across Direct Sales Teams, Distributors, Partners, and E-Commerce Platforms

Propel Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Propel, the platform for future brands, and Productsup, the leading cloud-based product content syndication solution for e-commerce, are announcing the integration of their offerings to ensure timely and accurate product content across all B2B and B2C sales channels. Customers can use the new offering to publish the latest product data to field sales teams, distributors, suppliers, brick and mortar stores, and e-commerce channels like Amazon, Google and Alibaba. By streamlining the flow of product data from Propel’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, as well as Salesforce CRM and leading e-commerce platforms, companies can better coordinate product launches across engineering, marketing, sales channels, business units and regional markets.

Businesses have always been challenged with communicating their latest specifications, bundles, pricing and other product information to distributed sales teams, partners and markets. The rapid growth of e-commerce has further strained the ability of companies to keep all their sales channels in line. With Propel and Productsup, businesses now have the technology they need to reduce risk, save time and increase revenue.

Because Propel offers both PLM and PIM on the Salesforce platform, it's easy for companies to manage product information from engineering to marketing to any sales channel. And the partnership between Propel and Productsup gives businesses a seamless way to manage product updates across all channels

Miguel Tam

VP Marketing

With the new integrated offering from Propel and Productsup, companies can now:

  • Aggregate, validate and transform data from multiple sources and suppliers

  • Update, version, review and approve any product content changes

  • Compare and evaluate how product attributes have changed over time

  • Leverage hundreds of pre-defined integrations to e-commerce channels or easily map integration touchpoints to new platforms

  • Stay informed with changes from e-commerce platform vendors

  • Publish updated product information to Salesforce pricebooks, product catalogs and partner communities

  • Track tasks needed to roll out new products to the market

  • Measure how sales teams, distributors and partners have been trained on the latest product updates

“As companies grow and try to launch products faster, they need better visibility into what product updates are happening, why they need to change, and who approved those updates,” Miguel Tam, VP of Marketing at Propel, said. “Since Propel offers both PLM and PIM solutions on the Salesforce platform, it’s easy for companies to manage product information across engineering and marketing to any sales channel. The partnership between Propel and Productsup gives businesses a seamless way to manage product updates across all channels.”

“Together, Propel and Productsup take the worry out of guessing whether your data is updated and consistent across all channels. Propel and Productsup ensure accuracy, boost sales and drive growth in market share,” said Marcel Hollerbach, VP of Marketing at Productsup.

About Propel

Propel is the platform for future brands. The company helps brands like Desktop Metal, Samsara, and Peak Design get to market ridiculously fast by enabling collaboration across teams, divisions, partners and customers. Propel uniquely combines Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Information Management (PIM), and Quality Management Solutions (QMS) into one system, natively built on the Salesforce platform. The company is backed by leading venture capitalists such as Cloud Apps Capital Partners, Signalfire and Salesforce Ventures, and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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About Productsup

Productsup is a leading solution for product content integration and syndication. The cloud-based software interconnects product content from brands, retailers and third-party data suppliers to unlimited marketing, shopping and B2B retail channels around the globe. Productsup enables commerce businesses to stay agile in an ever-changing and complex omnichannel market environment, in order to be at the forefront of digital transformation and capture new market opportunities as they happen.

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