Proof: The Arizona Better Business Bureau Sells Grades

Bad and Dangerous Contractor, Robert Freund owner of Palmers Plumbing Services and Palmers Kitchen Bath & Beyond, buys a good reputation.

At one time the BBB fulfilled a worthwhile and noble purpose of trying to make the marketplace safer. Consumers could use the BBB to report bad companies and try to get a resolution to their problems. That is no longer the case because the BBB has turned into a SCAM!

Now the BBB is run by attorneys that don't give "F Grades" but a "No Rating Grade" in fear of a lawsuit. The BBB is not really a Nonprofit but it is a Franchise and the owners look to maximize their returns otherwise they would not have bought the franchise. The bottom-line is that the BBB is no longer relevant and worthy to exist because the only purpose of the BBB is to make money and it has turned into a SCAM!

In Arizona money talks and Justice walks.

Mark Fairall, Founder of the REAL FACES OF ELDER ABUSE

The BBB is not the place to get a real understanding of the quality of service of a company. The answers by the BBB companies that receive complaints are not verified for truthfulness. That is why large bad companies have "A Ratings" because they have the best lies, usually done by attorneys, to consumer complaints. A good example is that Bank of America still has an "A Grade" after the BBB has received over 4,000 complaints against that bank. The better choice to verify the quality of the service of a company is in the INTERNET with the rating services such as Yelp, Google Rating, and Yahoo Rating.

The BBB has been caught selling "A Grades" for cash. A prime example was the California BBB that gave the terrorist organization, Hamas, an "A- Grade" for $425 in 2013. This was exposed by ABC News 20/20.

Robert Freund owns Palmers Kitchen Bath & Beyond (PKBB) and Palmers Plumbing Services (PPS). Freund provides poor workmanship and does false advertising. 

Plumbing Services (PPS) was never a BBB Accredited Business for decades. It did not have to be because the founder, Palmer Freund, was an honest and hardworking man that provided excellent contractor services. Palmer Freund earned his respect!

But Palmer Freund died and his son, Robert Freund, took over the PPS family business. He also started Palmers Kitchen Bath and Beyond (PKBB) which is a general contracting firm (no plumbing license). He ran both PPS and PKBB into the ground with poor workmanship, bad business practices, false advertising, and illegal activities. Robert Freund even hired a licensed contractor, Derrick King - who has a criminal record, as his muscle enforcer for PKBB to abuse and defraud the elderly.

I filed a complaint about PKBB's poor workmanship last month and the BBB rated the company a "C GRADE." Now on 06/03/2015 my complaint has been removed and the BBB has graded PKBB an "A+ Grade." That happened because PKBB paid the BBB and became an Accredited Business. Robert Freund had to buy respect because his job performance is dismal!

Don't hire Robert Freund to do any home-repair. The BBB cannot hide the fact that his other company, Palmers Plumbing Services dba Ben Franklin Plumbing (PPS) does not have a licensed plumber and does not have the Franchise Rights to use Ben Franklin Plumbing. The PPS plumbing company has a "NO GRADE" and an "ALERT" warning.

Sadly, Robert Freund is still doing plumbing jobs without a license while the Registrar of Contractors (ROC) does nothing about the illegal business operation. What was the ROC's price for its blindness?

Don't believe the BBB because it sells grades and really does not care about protecting consumers. The Arizona BBB lied to me stating my complaint disappeared because of PKBB's lawsuit that we won. That seemed odd to me because the BBB would only block complaints when a lawsuit was in progress and not when it is over. I am familiar with BBB policies because I was a BBB board member. Now I know the real reason my PKBB complaint vanished and the grade was improved was because the BBB got money from Robert Freund.

The BBB now has written me the 06/05/2015 email stating a person can only filed one complaint against a company every three years. Such Bull is only understandable because Robert Freund is now paying the BBB to be an Accredited Member. At the BBB, money can buy protection from keeping the public blocked from the truth about a bad company.

I attached my second complaint about PKBB's false advertising. PKBB's full page false advertising that PORA refers the company is circulated in 70,000 issues of GRAND SEASON MAGAZINE every month. The first recent complaint about PKBB was about PKBB's poor service.

Arizona does not have Consumer Protection Laws or Truth in Advertising Laws so the advertising companies and BBB really don't care about false advertising. That is why a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint #61657922 was filed against PKBB.

But according to the state law ARS 32-1154, if a contractor uses false advertising then the Registrar of Contractors (ROC) can REVOKE the license. The ROC has decided to not stop PKBB's false advertising. The public is a risk but bribes buys consumer protection warning blindness in the Arizona Badlands.



We are an elderly married couple that were abused and defrauded. We lived at a senior housing facility run by fraud felon. We saw 66 elder abuse crimes that failed to receive justice. Our abused 92-year old aunt was one of the 38 seniors that died.

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