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Proof Management's President detailed a recent team volunteer effort on behalf of Operation Backpack. She also discussed the competitive edge a company can get by giving to good causes.

Giving back to the community is a hallmark of the Proof Management culture. Whitney, the firm’s President, explained, “We want to make a positive impact on the area that supports our continuing growth. Our team members take part in a wide range of volunteer events and fundraising efforts with this in mind. We recently had the chance to support Operation Backpack, which provides school supplies for less fortunate children all across the country.”

The company’s associates have helped with Operation Backpack for three years now. Whitney remarked, “It was time for us to go beyond donating money and volunteer our time to this great cause. This year, our people worked directly with the cause by organizing backpacks, notebooks, and other school supplies. We like the concept of setting children up for success, especially with another new school year getting underway.”

Proof Management’s President on How Social Giving Gives the Company a Competitive Edge

There are several ways giving to good causes can provide an organization with a competitive advantage. Whitney stated, “Volunteering as a team brings our people closer together. They get to see unique talents that might not always be applied in the Proof Management office. Beyond that, they gain a greater appreciation for each other’s personalities and passions. They come back to work ready to collaborate with even more enthusiasm because they have a clearer vision of how they can positively impact people’s lives.”

Building stronger relationships in the community is another positive outcome of engaging in philanthropic events. The CEO commented, “We get to interact with all types of influential leaders when we come together for a good cause. The connections we make when giving back tend to result in unexpected opportunities for Proof Management to create greater impact on the community. They also help us accelerate our company’s growth by forging fruitful partnerships with other innovative people from our industry.”

Giving also enhances public perception of an organization. “People want to support companies that care about making a difference,” the CEO noted. “Although it isn’t our first priority when we give back to our community, we appreciate the fact that doing so builds our public profile. Consumers see that we’re serious about backing up our commitment to giving with focused action.”

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