Proof Management Supports Great Cause, Adds New Talent

​The Proof Management team recently contributed to an esteemed nonprofit and grew closer in the process. The firm’s CEO discussed this and highlighted a current hiring initiative.

“Here at Proof Management, we enjoy giving back to the community,” stated Lindsay, the firm’s CEO. “Our associates contribute to a wide range of causes, and we recently had the opportunity to help Camp Casey with its Gold Rush Gala event. We were so honored to help raise awareness of childhood cancer.” Lindsay added that she is excited to support the organization in the future.

The Gold Rush Gala is a fundraising benefit for Camp Casey, which helps children fighting cancer and their families through camping adventures, horse riding, and other events. Lindsay explained, “A few key team members from Proof Management, including our President, took part in the gala. We each wore gold in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and we enjoyed ourselves knowing we were helping a wonderful cause.”

Company leaders emphasize team giveback events because they strengthen team bonds and make real impacts on those in need. The CEO remarked, “We have made philanthropy a core Proof Management principle, and we are making a strong effort to immerse ourselves in a commitment to giving. Our associates gain fresh perspectives on their work and lives when we contribute to causes such as Camp Casey.” Lindsay believes collaboration is stronger in the workplace when talented professionals come together in a spirit of giving.

The networking potential offered by philanthropic pursuits is another benefit of team giving. Lindsay noted, “Events like the Gold Rush Gala put our associates in touch with influential community leaders and other top industry performers. It’s also nice to have the Proof Management name associated with groups that make positive differences in people’s lives.”

Proof Management’s CEO Outlines Hiring Initiative

As Proof Management solidifies its reputation as a marketing and consulting services innovator, company leaders are looking for additional talent to enable further expansion. “We are looking for ambitious and multitalented people to join our team,” the CEO added. “I believe our extensive training program and one-to-one educational approach help make Proof Management an attractive option for bright candidates. We provide a clear path to professional advancement, which inspires people to be their best.”

Lindsay hopes the firm’s continuing growth will lead to more possibilities to try new things in the future. “Our belief is that a company is only as good as the people who make it run,” the CEO stated. “Everyone who joins our team will feel challenged to grow while still feeling confident in his or her knowledge. We empower our associates to make decisions and set ambitious goals on a daily basis.”

The CEO is excited to begin the hiring process and allow existing team members to harness their training abilities. She concluded, “Any business-minded individual who wants to learn new concepts and apply them in an empowering atmosphere should apply today.”

About Proof Management

Proof Management is a high-performance interactive marketing firm dedicated to outstanding service. Their team of skilled and versatile branding specialists applies a dynamic promotions approach that ensures immediate impact and lasting connections between companies and customers. By combining precise planning with efficient implementation strategies, Proof Management drives brand growth while providing a high return on investment. The firm is a community-oriented organization that maintains a commitment to giving back. By participating in wide-ranging philanthropy initiatives, Proof Management supports the regions that have enabled their success.

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