Proof Management Sets Sights on Productivity for 2016

Proof Management's Director of Operations detailed the firm's productivity strategies for 2016. She also highlighted some apps that enable better performance and time management.

“This has been an outstanding year for our company and our team members,” declared Lindsay, the Director of Operations at Proof Management. “However, we want to make sure 2016 is even better. With that in mind, we will be using some new strategies to help our people become more productive in the coming year.”

Company leaders believe in establishing high benchmarks that encourage continuous improvement. The Director added, “Our emphasis on aggressive goal setting demands that we become more efficient. We know we can’t sit back and enjoy our past success, which is why our Proof Management team members always have ambitious objectives.”

"I believe Slack is a must for any innovative company,"

Lindsay , Director of Operations

Lindsay recommends meditation as a technique to boost productivity. She explained, “I am committed to making personal reflection a part of our associates’ daily routine. Five minutes is enough time to clear your mind and re-set your priorities. Our people work hard every day. I believe carving out time for mindfulness will help them overcome stress while they streamline their work processes.”

The Director will also tell her team members not to multitask as 2016 gets under way. “There is nothing worse for your productivity than spreading your attention across multiple tasks,” she added. “When you engage in multitasking, all you are doing is making sure every project takes longer to complete while you achieve mediocre results. I frequently remind my associates of this here at Proof Management.”

Proof Management’s Director Showcases Some Productivity-Boosting Apps

“There are many great apps that will help you save time so you can get more accomplished,” Lindsay remarked. “Here at Proof Management, we have a few favorites. We are always on the lookout for new productivity tools.”

The Director endorses to streamline the e-mail experience. She stated, “This app helps you clean your inbox and unsubscribe from unwanted e-mails. Along with those benefits, it also helps you roll your other messages into a condensed, easily digestible format.”

Slack is one of the most popular workplace apps, and Lindsay is a fierce advocate of its capabilities. “I believe Slack is a must for any innovative company,” she noted. “It helps our entire team communicate and collaborate through one interface. We don’t have to worry about the status of an important message or the location of a piece of information. This means heightened productivity for our entire team here at Proof Management.”

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