Proof Management, Inc. Embraces Travel Opportunities

Among other things, business travel is part of the allure of joining Proof Management, Inc. The firm's President discussed the team's latest trip and detailed the benefits of such outings.

"I present my people with travel opportunities as a way to express my appreciation for their hard work," said Lindsay, the President of Proof Management, Inc. "We enjoy regional trainings, national conferences, exotic retreats, and more."

Lindsay explained that the most recent excursion took place in Dallas, Texas. "This past month I went to the top leader's conference," she stated. "I brought along our admin, Stephanie, and our top executive, Liz. Stephanie was even recognized as a top admin in the industry!"

According to Lindsay, the opportunities to network at the event were plentiful. She and her colleagues met influential people from all corners of the country. They made new contacts and strengthened existing relationships, all while exchanging the details of their best business practices.

The Proof Management, Inc. President indicated, "We all gained so much knowledge from being able to travel and see the big picture. Gatherings like this are perfect for networking, and we discussed topics such as strategic planning, consumer behavior, and - of course - leadership."

Proof Management, Inc. President Expands on the Leadership Traits Modeled at Conference

Leadership was the essence of the event. Lindsay noted that every conversation revolved in some way around the professional development of ambitious people into successful frontrunners. She and her fellow attendees learned more about the specific traits of effective leadership. They are incorporating their fresh knowledge back to the Proof Management, Inc. office. 

"I took a lot away from this trip, which will help me set more goals for myself and our company," Lindsay continued. "By honing skills such as delegation and communication, my colleagues and I are all growing. I'm helping them set goals for their own careers as well. Their objectives pertain to public speaking, advancement, and more."

Knowing that collaboration produces the best outcomes, the team members set goals for group bonding as well. They often gather outside the workplace, enjoying dinner and other fun activities. They also look forward to their travel opportunities, because they can see the world while enjoying each other's company. Their increased camaraderie pays dividends in terms of productivity and performance.

"The more my colleagues and I support one another's growth, the better leaders we become," Lindsay concluded. "We're improving every day, and looking forward to our next business trip!"

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