Proof Management Gives Back to Children's Hospital

Proof Management, Inc.'s President discussed the firm's holiday giveback efforts with their local children's hospital. She also outlined a few ways companies can incorporate giving into their cultures.

​Giving to good causes is a way of life around the Proof Management, Inc. office. Lindsay, the company’s President, explained, “Our commitment to giving back becomes even stronger during the holiday season. This will be the fourth consecutive year that we’ve donated to our local children’s hospital. We’re honored to help make the season brighter for children battling illnesses, and their families. If they must spend the holidays in the hospital, we want to help make it a better experience.”

The President also embraces the benefits of office competition, even when it comes to Proof Management, Inc. philanthropic endeavors. She remarked, “We like to spice up our holiday philanthropy with some in-office contests. Every time anyone on our team succeeds or hits a goal, I personally donate an item to our collection for the children’s hospital. It helps with office morale, plus it’s just a fun way to make meaningful donations. It’s also a great way to honor the dedication the team is showing in achieving big objectives.”

Proof Management, Inc.’s President Shares Tips for Building Giving Into Company Culture

It takes time and effort to create a strong commitment to giving throughout an organization. Lindsay stated, “I think you have to start with a clear strategy in terms of how any giveback efforts will reflect core company values. Whatever form philanthropy takes, it’s important to begin with a well-defined vision of success. You have to know what you want your giving to accomplish if you expect to get your whole team to buy in.”

It’s also a good idea to set philanthropic targets that team members can aim to reach. These benchmarks might reflect a certain amount of money donated or a number of hours devoted to a particular cause. “This is one instance in which our Proof Management, Inc. office competitions pay off,” Lindsay added. “We hit our giving targets because we make it an enjoyable way for our people to earn recognition.”

Having one person or a small collective in charge of a giving program can also be helpful. Just like with big projects, everyone has to know what they’re responsible for in order to achieve success. Properly handling the workload that comes with giving is essential.

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