Pronativ® Brand Protein Delivers a Refreshingly Different Kind of Protein With Uncompromising Quality and Natural Potency

Lactalis American Group, Inc. d/b/a Lactalis Ingredients has launched a new native whey protein under the brand name Pronativ®. With more than 15 years of research to back it, the phenomenal benefits and quality of Pronativ® brand protein are undeniably clear. Packed with essential nutrients and bioavailable leucine, Pronativ® brand protein is protein in its purest form, giving consumers more bang for their buck when it comes to activating muscle protein synthesis.

“Pronativ® brand protein has a natural ratio of amino acids that better matches your body’s needs and makes it easy for your body to turn the amino acids into energy. Our protein doesn’t contain anything you wouldn’t want -- nothing artificial, and no added ingredients, antibiotics, or GMOs. At first sight, Pronativ® brand protein and other proteins could look similar, but not all protein is created equal. One gram of Pronativ® doesn’t equal one gram of traditional whey protein – its origin and its nutritional values do make a difference. Pronativ® brand protein has been clinically proven to deliver greater results towards muscle protein synthesis, muscle recovery, and muscle performance,” says Vice President of Ingredients, Yann Connan.

The difference between regular whey protein and Pronativ® brand native whey protein is the method in which the protein is obtained. Traditional whey proteins are a byproduct of cheese production. Cheese manufacturers use milk to make cheese-- during this process, enzymes, bacteria, and other ingredients are added. Casein protein enters into a series of chain reactions that form the cheese; what’s left is the liquid whey, which contains residues of whey protein. Those residues then go through another process that could be anything from a physical to chemical separation, heat treatments, and evaporation to obtain the whey protein powder.

Through innovation, Lactalis Ingredients has come up with the ideal solution to meet the demands of consumers seeking pure protein powder. Most protein sources are heavily processed using additives, but Pronativ® brand protein has only one single ingredient: farm fresh milk that is cold filtered. Using a cold filtration, experts have been able to get straight to the whey protein naturally present in milk. Pronativ® brand protein is not a by-product of any other food products, skips heavy processing steps and heat treatments, has no added ingredients, and gently removes the carbs, lactose and fat naturally present in milk – it’s protein in its purest form.

“There are so many whey protein powders on the market that it’s hard for consumers to know which one better fits their needs. By focusing on what matters the most-- protecting the nutritional value of the protein naturally presented in milk, the way mother nature provides it to us-- we want to help our partners deliver a new source of protein to their consumers which could help them reach their full potential,” says Connan.

Sold as an ingredient, Pronativ® brand protein is an essential protein source (ingredient) in top partnering brands such as Cellucor, Rivalus, Designer, and Kaizen. It has numerous applications: powders, ready-to-drink shakes, bars, healthy snacks, drinks, ice cream, yogurts and more.


Pronativ® brand protein by Lactalis Ingredients is protein in its purest form. Simply put, Pronativ® brand protein is a different kind of protein. It’s for people who want more out of themselves without the “other stuff” to slow them down. Pronativ® brand protein gives consumers the biggest bang for their buck. A better source of protein without sacrificing flavor. A protein that can bring you more energy per gram. A protein you can feel good about. Pronativ® brand protein is changing the protein game by focusing on what matters most.

Lactalis Ingredients is a division of Group Lactalis, a company founded in 1933 in the heart of France’s dairy regions, Brittany and Normandy. A family business that brings us together to offer delicious and healthy dairy products every day.

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Source: Lactalis American Group, Inc.

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