Promising Zika Virus Vaccine Candidate

TechnoVax, Inc., a biotechnology developer of novel vaccines, announced preclinical results showing its Zika virus (ZIKV) vaccine, which is developed using the company’s proprietary virus-like particle (VLP) technology, demonstrated in a small animal model the elicitation of high titers of neutralizing antibodies against different strains of Zika virus. The study has been accepted for publication in the Journal PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, and an online version can be accessed at:

Researchers at TechnoVax and collaborators at The City University of New York concluded that the VLP vaccine formulations tested in animals not only were highly efficacious in eliciting protective antibodies with neutralizing activity equivalent to or higher than the activity present in the serum of a patient who recovered from Zika infection, but also they were well tolerated and safe. “The ZIKA VLP vaccine offers an effective and safe strategy to create a prophylactic vaccine that protects against Zika infection, as well as its serious effects such as microcephaly,” said Dr. Jose M. Galarza, TechnoVax CEO.  

Advantages of VLPs

The VLP vaccine technology allows for the assembly of structures that are morphologically and on surface composition identical to the native Zika virus, but lack the genetic material required for both replication and infection.  VLP-based vaccines, therefore, do not require chemical inactivation or attenuation, as do some of the currently utilized vaccine development approaches. These features together with the particulate display of multiple viral antigens make VLP vaccines not only very safe but also highly immunogenic. Furthermore, our Zika VLP vaccine is manufactured in suspension culture of mammalian cells using standard fermentation systems suitable for rapid scale-up production.

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