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The Director of Operations for Projext X discussed the company's opening in Seattle and the excitement surrounding it. He also outlined the emphasis on ambitious goals that will help the firm achieve long-term success.

Now open for business in Seattle, Projext X is primed to become an innovative leader in the interactive marketing industry. Devin, the firm’s Director of Operations, explained that going beyond traditional sales promotions is what his team does best. He added that he’s excited to have a committed group of warriors behind him to take things to a whole new level on behalf of the brands Projext X represents.

Devin noted that engaging consumers with hands-on interactions in exclusive retail locations is the Projext X mission. Team members are experts at getting brands noticed in truly interactive ways. The memorable experiences they create for consumers lead to lasting loyalty and repeat business.

It’s a busy time around the Projext X office, with current projects and future endeavors quickly taking shape. The Director is confident that expansion is in the cards for the company in the near future as well. He explained that the momentum team members are building up now will lead to increasing demand and interest from other markets.

Projext X’s Director of Operations on the Firm’s Goal-Setting Emphasis

A strong focus on setting ambitious goals is at the heart of the Projext X culture. Devin explained that even during the initial training program, team members are encouraged to set the bar higher with every milestone they reach. The Director added that this spirit carries over into every big project the firm’s associates tackle. Every major victory is a launching pad for a future accomplishment.

Devin noted that team members are trained to be as specific as possible when setting personal and group objectives. With clearer visions of winning outcomes, associates are better equipped to stay the course and overcome whatever obstacles might emerge. The Director added that being specific also makes it easier for team members to track their progress and make adjustments when necessary.

The firm’s associates are also committed to establishing impressive goals because doing so aligns with the Projext X core value of constant improvement. By always aiming higher, Devin stated that team members stay motivated and engaged day in and day out. He concluded that this approach promises big things in the future for the people behind represented brands and the company at large.

About Projext X:
Projext X is a leader in dynamic marketing promotions. The team creates transformative solutions that engage consumers. They instinctively know how to reach audiences through personal engagement. Each branding specialist is trained on empowered to build campaigns that create lasting impressions. Their zest for hitting growth targets is powered by passion and business expertise. They take risks and focus on innovation to stay ahead of the curve. Their goal is to raise the bar for the companies they represent. To learn more, visit them at

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