Projector Reviews Releases 2019 Best Home Theater Projectors Report has released its 11th Annual Best Home Theater Projectors Report, a comprehensive guide to projector buying for home theater aficionados and projector fans. This year's Best In Class Award winners include models from Epson, LG, Optoma, and Sony. has just published their Best Home Theater Projectors Report, which details a comprehensive list of the top home theater and home entertainment projectors for 2019. This year’s report features projectors at a variety of price levels, with winners to fit every budget.

Over the last year, has written in-depth reviews of the newest projectors, testing each one extensively for performance. In this year’s report, all of the home theater projectors that pass through Projector Reviews’ door were evaluated and positioned against each other – what’s left is the best of the best, with commentary on which projectors are most suitable for dedicated home theaters, living rooms, media rooms, and even bright rooms.

Projector Reviews provides an in-depth guide that takes the guesswork out of projector buying for your home theater, living room, or media room. This year's batch of winners were chosen based on performance, value, and innovation in four different price classes - in our report, there's a projector for every budget.

Art Feierman, Founder distributed these awards last week at the 2019 CEDIA trade show, held in Denver, CO.

To view the full report and see the list of winners, visit:

Once again, the CEDIA show in the US (Sept ’10-14th -Denver) saw the launch of many new home theater projectors. will discuss all the significant new models, and their impact shaping the market - and your choices, going forward, in their update report after the show. CEDIA will have several new projectors shipping, but many won’t ship for months. For this reason, we will follow up this report, with our 2020 Update report in February, when we have reviewed a number of those just announced.

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