Project IndieHope - A Gamechanger for Independent Filmmaking in a COVID-19 World

Chrome Entertainment and Well Health Works join forces to ease the financial challenges of having a COVID-19 safe production for independent filmmakers.

The COVID-19 pandemic placed an incredible strain on the entertainment industry. COVID-safe bubbles with rapid on-site testing have become crucial in ensuring film production continues without risk of infection for the cast and crew. While major studios and networks have been swift to adapt to this new normal, the journey has not been smooth-sailing for independent productions, with weekly COVID testing costing between $45,000 - $155,000.

Project IndieHope introduces no-cost COVID-19 testing for independent film productions in the United States from Chrome Entertainment and Well Health Works.  

This revolutionary program aims to help relaunch independent film productions by providing approved FDA/CDC/SAG-AFTRA COVID-19 PCR and Rapid (backup) testing at no out-of-pocket expense for on-site service, testing, and laboratory processing. The sole cost is a one-time $27 on-boarding fee per cast and crew member, per production.

"As a producer, I understand how challenging the past year has been for independent filmmakers," says Chrome Entertainment President Gerry Pass. "After many frustrating months of negotiations and feeling as though there is no financial support to overcome the enormous cost of COVID-compliance for myself and others producers in similar situations, I sought out and forged a powerful relationship with Well Health Works. The result is game-changing. We are now able to provide no-cast, on-set, COVID-compliance testing to independent filmmakers nationwide, giving them the compliance tools they need to get back to work. It is my contribution to the sustainability of my community - the independent filmmakers."

Well Health Works, a national provider of onsite COVID-19 testing will test both insured and uninsured members of cast and crew. They will provide a QR Code for an online registration portal specific to the production and through strategic lab partnerships will provide results in 24 to 48 hours either through a dedicated portal, SMS, and/or email.

Testing required by union regulations, including daily tests as may be necessary for cast and crew will be administered by Well Health Works. With no out-of-pocket cost for testing, combined with the convenience of being on-set, Well Health Works helps maintain the safest production environment for cast and crew," says Managing Partner of Well Health Works, LLC Preston Hearn.

'Rapid, frequent testing gives producers piece of mind, as the health and well-being of the cast and crew is their responsibility. As the pandemic continues, no film should go unmade because their producers cannot afford to put these measures in place. Well Health Works is proud to be a part of making this happen for independent filmmakers."

Project IndieHope will begin with a roll-out in Los Angeles and New York, with an eye to national expansion by mid-year. To learn more, visit

Source: Chrome Entertainment


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