'PROJECT BOLD LIFE', the Proven Formula to Take on Challenges and Achieve Happiness and Success by Edward M. Kopko, on Sale Aug. 18, 2020

Project Bold Life

 People are facing challenges more than ever, questioning their life goals and wondering if happiness and success need to be put on hold. Now comes a book that is essential for these times. PROJECT BOLD LIFE: The Proven Formula to Take on Challenges and Achieve Happiness and Success (9781735334905; Trade Paperback; approx. 255 pages; $24.95; on sale 8/18/20) is a vital contribution to the self-help genre and an important book for those with obstacles standing between them and their dreams. See the book trailer here.

While other self-help books address different pieces of the life management puzzle, PROJECT BOLD LIFE’s modern, fresh approach is an encompassing framework. Some key lessons and components of the book include:

  • Proprietary research from almost 2,000 participants that showed that only 39% of respondents believed that they were making good progress towards their goals and that younger demographics are passionate about living a bold life

  • How to take on challenges and move forward

  • How to determine what’s really important to you, and how to use that to inspire your goals

  • Inspiring stories of people from all walks of life who turned setbacks into amazing deeds--like the disadvantaged youth who become a pro wrestling star, the grandmother who got her PhD just before her 70th birthday, and the immigrant who arrived in America with 33 cents in his pocket and found happiness and success 

  • As a result of the strong interest found in younger groups, a cartoon character named “Boldy” was created (see cartoon below), and his journey to create a Bold Life is outlined in the book, with more than 60 custom illustrations, making an important topic fun

PROJECT BOLD LIFE contains unique concepts and ideas to help people turn challenges into stepping stones for great accomplishments. From being stuck in “Seesaw Park” and the indecision that comes with choosing major life goals, to the need for a “Fall Off the Horse Plan”, to making “stretch” goals that fuel inspiration and the Seven Pillars of a Bold Life--and of course the eponymous Bold Life Formula--the book has the tools needed to build a Bold Life Action Plan.

Early accolades from leaders in the diversity and inclusion movement, corporate world, and education community show that PROJECT BOLD LIFE is for everyone--young, old, student, parent and more. 

A Bold Life can be attained despite challenges and setbacks. PROJECT BOLD LIFE can help.

"Ed Kopko's book PROJECT BOLD LIFE is beyond motivational; it's transformative. Faith is a precursor to boldness, and oftentimes people have faith but lack the boldness to go beyond self-imposed limitations. PROJECT BOLD LIFE gives ample examples of people that have shattered any notions of limits on their potential towards pushing past any obstacles in their way. Living a Bold Life annihilates doubt, and frees the spirit towards greatness. I'm Living a Bold Life. Come join me." - Bruce George, Founder of the Genius is Common Movement, Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam on HBO


Bold Business CEO and publisher Ed Kopko has racked up an extensive list of media appearances and publishing credits over the years--from CNBC to Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and other outlets. The PROJECT BOLD LIFE book was born from his observations, interviews and interactions with countless people from Main Street to the boardroom who overcame hardship and achieved success. 

Previously the CEO of Butler International and Chief Executive Magazine, Ed’s work in the diversity and inclusion movement garnered him the prestigious 2019 Impact Award from Diversity MBA Magazine. 

Ed has an MA degree in Economics from Columbia University. He splits his time between New York City and St. Petersburg, FL, and finds time to meditate daily. 

For more information on the author, check out his site: www.EdKopko.com

For more information on the book, plus a video teaser, go to: https://www.edkopko.com/project-bold-life-book/ 

AVAILABLE in Trade Paperback (9781735334905) and Ebook (9781735334912) on August 18, 2020.

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“Ed has a gift for making things simple, with wonderful stories, and actionable steps to enable you to lead a bold life.”

- Neddy Perez, Chief Diversity Officer, McCormick & Company

“Bold is a gift, a weapon and a lesson. If you don’t learn the lesson, you won’t be able to use the weapon against adversity and bring the gift back to your organization, your community and to benefit your own development. Ed Kopko offers us access to the timeless importance of being Bold...learn, fight, give: the numbers don’t lie!”

- Bruce Craven, Author of Win or Die: Leadership Secrets from Game of Thrones, Professor at Columbia University

“As a parent and a professional, managing work-life challenges can sometimes be daunting. Ed’s book gives thoughtful advice on how to successfully manage work-life challenges and live a life of no regrets. Every parent should read this book! And then tell their children to read it as well!” 

- Dr. Marion Brody, Radiologist and Parent

Ed’s message of achievable bold goal-setting should resonate with every talent-based organization. Anyone interested in advancing within their career, or any company interested in fostering a culture of pipeline development and internal mobility, will find these principles to be vital. Every talent management office should encourage their team to read this book - Project Bold Life inspires enthusiasm and action regardless of where you sit within your company.”

James E. Taylor, Ph.D., Chief Diversity, Inclusion, and Talent Management Officer, UPMC

“Ed has worked extensively to bring diversity and inclusion to the global business arena, imparting a message of hope and positivity for all. This book is an extension of that message, and it outlines the path individuals can take to attain fulfilling, bold lives!"

- Pamela McElvane, Publisher of Diversity MBA Magazine

“I recommend PROJECT BOLD LIFE by Ed Kopko as an ideal addition to those freshman college courses designed to introduce students to college life and a consideration of life’s purpose. At the university, I would urge parents to encourage their students to study that for which they have a passion because this is a sure way to success. By success I meant the optimal balance of talent, time, and treasure – the talents we develop and deploy for the betterment of self and society; the use of time so that the personal and professional dimensions of life are in balance; and the treasure we start with, accumulate, and give away, recognizing that luck plays a part and we should always say, ‘Thank you.’ Project Bold Life is a terrific guide to help students become the author of their own lives instead of merely an actor in someone else’s script. Buttressed by scientific research as well as personal stories, PROJECT BOLD LIFE does all this and more.” 

- Dr. Robert A. Scott, President Emeritus and University Professor Emeritus, Adelphi University

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908-303-4746 | kimberly@thursday-media.com

Source: Edward M. Kopko

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