Professional Photographer 'Ekin Erinch' Launches Innovative Interior Design Photography Service For Existing And New Clients

A successful London based specialist photographer has announced the expansion of his current services to include a wide range of interior design photography.

Ekin Enrich has established himself as a renowned photographer in one of the most competitive artistic niches within the UK's capital city and has exhibit at some of London's most notable galleries and events, including the 'World Cup London 2010' event held at the London Town Hall, with work also featuring in publications such as "Absolutely" - Chelsea December 2013, East December 2013, City&Angel December 2013 and Fulham December 2013.

Ekin has now complimented his conventional services such as wedding and portrait photography, by expanding his expertise to include the specialist interior design photography niche. Currently, these professional services include interior design, hospitality marketing, architecture and real estate.

Photographer Ekin Enrich commented "I'm very excited to be able to demonstrate how effective powerful interior design photography can be. We're able to meet with our clients every photographic need thanks to years of experience working photographing buildings and interiors."

As with many customer-facing service businesses, such as high-end bar and restaurants, property sales and location advertising, a picture paints a thousand words. It's often the case that professional and appealing imagery is the key to attracting the perfect target audience and ensuring constant business. Previous clients have included Versace Home, Airbnb, CoStar and the other leading estate agencies.

'Ekin Erinch Photography' is now offering new and existing clients an opportunity to present their businesses with an exciting, fresh and exceptionally eye-catching concept. This approach ensures clients are able to deliver their message powerfully through professional and innovative photography. Please visit the official website at for further information.

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